Friedrich Nietzsche Jr.

Friedrich Nietzsche Jr.


5 Reasons To Maybe Actually Think About Possibly Going To The Rec Center Potentially

For those of you who don’t check your school email (you know who you are) you missed out on some very important info regarding the ~fancy~ MU Rec Center.

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Since we need some reason to excuse our collegiate alcoholism, your Black Sheep staff came up with 7 themes to use for your next house party.

A Mixtape Every Mizzou Student Needs Right Now

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6 Kinky Facts About Mizzou’s New President: Mun Choi

If you weren’t aware, MU systems just chose a new president, which is high key kind of a big deal.His name's Mun Choi and there's more than meets the eye...

6 Changes Trump Would Make if Elected President of Mizzou

Yes the election is obviously going on right now, but the position really worth vying for is the president of the Mizzou. What if Trump was elected?!

8 Cooler Things to Spend Your Money on Instead of Mizzou Seasons Tickets

Students are running low on so many things; time, sleep, will to live, legitimate emotional connection, sex (as far as I know), and especially money.