Genevieve Kettleson

Genevieve Kettleson

E! Network Signs Reality Show Deal With Carlson School of Management

“At the end of the day, all we need on E! network shows are a fuck ton of Sperrys, and fancy looking glass buildings.”

Bartender of the Week: John from Blarney’s

Name: John Bar: Blarney’s Relationship Status: In a 1 Year and 7 Month relationship with a female named Michelle Major: Kinesiology Favorite Drink: Shot of Patron Favorite Shot: John seemed to have jumped the gun on this question Disgusting Drink: Rumplemintz (and yes, if you order Rumplemintz from Blarney’s and John serves you, he is […]

Top 8 Laptop Stickers to Help You Get Laid at Walter

We’ve done the research for you and assembled a fool-proof guide of which stickers will do the trick of landing you a first date with your study bae.

A UMN Drinking Game to Justify Drinking on Your Walk to Class

If your fuel tank is running low on hopes and dreams, we suggest you fill it with something more substantial: ALCOHOL

Kaler Hires Trump to Run @PrezKaler Twitter Account

President Donald Trump has been personally hired by President Kaler to become the new operator of Kaler's twitter account, @PrezKaler.

UMN Professor Says He Won’t Talk About His Political Opinion, Actually Means It

Students were surprised and impressed to find that their professor, Dr. Swanson, has yet to voice a single political opinion during the class.

Each UMN College’s Tinder Profile and Matches

With Valentine's Day approaching our beloved University of Minnesota schools have grown cold and lonely after an icy and politically depressing January.