Genevieve Kettleson

Genevieve Kettleson

7 Non-Academic Reasons You Won’t Graduate from the U

Even as you’re itching to get off campus and end the cycle of late nights in Walter, it looks as though you have a few more loose ends to tie up before you can make graduation a reality. Here are seven things that will keep you from tossing your graduation cap. Do not pass Scholars […]

Quiz: Where Should You Satisfy Your 4/20 Munchies at the U?

Where you choose to #420BlazeIt is the most important decision you will make each year.

Top 7 Scenarios That Could Use The UMN Secure WiFi LogIn Screen

We present you with 8 other times life calls for the subpar notification of success that is the U of M WiFi LogIn Screen.

8 Things Everyone Fools Themselves into Believing About UMN

This April Fools Day, we welcome you to assume your rightfully held position as both the prank puller and the prankee.

UMN Law Professor Spends Embezzled Money on Extra Guac at Chipotle

“If I were going to launder millions of dollars to myself, I would absolutely spend in on that goddamn Chipotle guacamole," Judge Mondale said.

E! Network Signs Reality Show Deal With Carlson School of Management

“At the end of the day, all we need on E! network shows are a fuck ton of Sperrys, and fancy looking glass buildings.”

Bartender of the Week: John from Blarney’s

Name: John Bar: Blarney’s Relationship Status: In a 1 Year and 7 Month relationship with a female named Michelle Major: Kinesiology Favorite Drink: Shot of Patron Favorite Shot: John seemed to have jumped the gun on this question Disgusting Drink: Rumplemintz (and yes, if you order Rumplemintz from Blarney’s and John serves you, he is […]

Top 8 Laptop Stickers to Help You Get Laid at Walter

We’ve done the research for you and assembled a fool-proof guide of which stickers will do the trick of landing you a first date with your study bae.

A UMN Drinking Game to Justify Drinking on Your Walk to Class

If your fuel tank is running low on hopes and dreams, we suggest you fill it with something more substantial: ALCOHOL

Kaler Hires Trump to Run @PrezKaler Twitter Account

President Donald Trump has been personally hired by President Kaler to become the new operator of Kaler's twitter account, @PrezKaler.