George Srouji

George Srouji

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University of Maryland
Testudo Indicted in Bribery Scandal

Testudo was arrested Tuesday morning, after being accused of raising students’ grades in exchange for bribes.

QUIZ: Which Wallace Loh Are You?

What kind of Wallace Loh am I going to be? Will you be Sporty Loh, Baby Loh, Scary Loh, Posh Loh, or Ginger Loh?

Maryland Students Start 63 More Fires in Attempt to Get Another Day Off

According to University officials, as of 10:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, sixty-three more fires had been started by students hoping to get another day off.

QUIZ: Are You a True Terp or Towson Trash?

Are you a true Terp, able to walk the streets of College Park with your head held high? The only way to find out is to take the quiz.

Report: Even Student Government Elections Not Clean

"The Unity Party withdrew its entire goddam ticket from consideration after it was revealed that they didn't report receiving support from Turning Point"

Report: 73% of Terps Ready to Give Up

While we're aware that students have a hard time readjusting after spring break, we have never seen so many Terps ready to throw in the towel at once,”

Maryland Fraternities Eagerly Prepare for Spring Fest Gladiator Matches

Spring Fest has finally arrived at the University of Maryland, and the campus is abuzz with excitement. The weeklong event, formerly known as Greek Week, features team-ups between participating fraternities and sororities, as well as friendly gladiator matches throughout the week.  “I cannot overstate my excitement for the fights to come,” senior David Foster of […]

QUIZ: What Do You Most Regret Doing Over UMD’s Spring Break?

Answer these six questions and we’ll take a guess at what your biggest regret of the week was/

UMD Professor Currently 14 Minutes Late to Class

“Oh man. Just one more minute, and class is officially cancelled,” senior computer science major Tim Reynolds told The Black Sheep.

4 Things We’re APPARENTLY Not Allowed to Spray Paint Onto the University House

All of the sudden, it’s now “strongly frowned upon” to spray paint a couple of things onto the University House? None of it was even that bad!