George Wooden

George Wooden

QUIZ: Which College Park Pizza Place Are You?

College Park has almost too many pizza options to choose from. If you’d like to find out which pizza joint is your spirit-pizza.

6 Best Places to Have Beautiful, Consensual Sex at UMD

The University of Maryland is the place to let your hormones run rampant. But if you haven’t gotten freaky at these hot spots, you’re doing it wrong.

QUIZ: Which Maryland Basketball Player Are You?

From one time or another, we’ve all wondered which Maryland basketball player we would be in an alternate dimension.

The Best and Worst Parts of Being a Maryland Basketball Fan

There are always some parts that will send you spiraling into a deep depression. Here are some of the best and worst moments to be a MBB fan

Loh Orders Natty Light Pipeline Built on Campus

“A Natty Light pipeline is the worst thing to ever happen to this school,” Adams added. “At least since the last time we lost to Penn State.”

UMD “Good Guys” Rush New, Wholesome Frat

He’s found a home in UMD’s newest and self-proclaimed “most wholesome” fraternity in Nu Omicron Omega.

Definitive Timeline of a Terp’s Four Years at UMD

Since we’re so generous, we put together a full timeline of what it’s like to go to Maryland

6 Things You Definitely Won’t Miss About College Park Over Break

Ah, winter break. There’s nothing sweeter than being done with the countless hours of studying that go along with finals. Although, leaving campus would also be pretty sweet. Actually, come to think of it, nothing’s sweeter than leaving campus for break! Okay, we’re sure some of you are thinking, “C’mon, I love College Park! What […]

DJ Durkin Now Recruiting Senior Citizens for Maryland’s Football Team

The University of Maryland’s head football coach, DJ Durkin, caused a stir this week when he was spotted running football drills in Prince George’s County nursing homes. Witnesses of these events say that Durkin, along with the rest of his staff, had residents running the 40-yard dash, completing the high jump, and bench pressing 225 […]

An Interview with a Freshman Who’s Staying at UMD for Thanksgiving

There are few things that excite Terps more than Thanksgiving break. For a couple of days, we get to go home and forget about the finals looming over us, as well as the midterms we sobbed hysterically over. But for some poor souls, Thanksgiving break will be spent on campus. We managed to find one  freshman, who reached […]