Gienel Agcaoili

Gienel Agcaoili


The Definitive Timeline of Life at UC Davis

We’ve put together a definitive timeline for the average Aggie, noting every milestone a UC Davis student has reached as a way to remind us of the good and the bad times.

UC Davis Student Drops Out to Become Professional Internet Troll

Richard Rolling was a third year NPB major before dropping out to be become a “Professional Internet Troll.” Two weeks ago, Rolling created a scene in Shields Library yelling obscenities such as “F*CK BIOCHEM!” and “G*D*MN YOU BALDWIN!” according to one of our sources. Since then, he has refused to attend class and has dropped […]

Ranking 7 of the Best Davis Doggos

The chances of spotting dogs on your way to campus or Downtown Davis are pretty high. We have plenty of lovable canines so it’s about time we showcase them. Here are our ratings for some dog-gone dandiest doggos found in Davis. 7.) Maxine: This oversized puppy has been spotted at the Farmer’s Market. Maxine is […]

The Official UC Davis Drinking Game

Need an excuse to day-drink but Picnic Day can’t come any sooner? As always, The Black Sheep has your back. We’ve created this drinking game specifically for Aggies, that can be played anytime of the day or night. Just don’t drink and bike. 1.) Take a drink every time you’ve skipped your 8 a.m. this week: […]

5 Places in Davis to Escape Trump’s America

Feeling down about the recent events pertaining to American government? You are not alone fellow Aggies. As much as we would all wish to stay in bed and hide under the covers for the next four years, we can’t actually do that. Luckily, we have created a list of places to escape from the terrifying […]

6 New Year’s Resolutions for Sh*tty Aggies

Campus would be so much better if SOME PEOPLE took on one (or all) of these resolutions. You know who you are.

5 Finals Aggies Would Actually Ace

We have some weird classes at Davis, and some of them have finals that are actually pretty easy to ace. If you aren’t in all of these classes, you should probably sign up for them, but if you are in them, you’re in for a pretty kush finals week. 5.) Intro to Beer and Brewing […]

7 Topics Every Aggie Should Avoid at Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving can be a very difficult time for college students. Relatives often ask too many questions about your life and this can create a lot of stress and anxiety. Here are a couple topics to avoid this Thanksgiving dinner. Good luck, Aggies. 7.) Career: It’s Thanksgiving and you’ll be bombarded with triggering questions like “What […]

7 Reasons UC-Davis is Better Than Sac State

We all know UC Davis is better than CSU Sacramento. Aside from outranking them in academics by an almost embarrassing degree, we’re just overall cooler in every aspect. Here are the top 7 reasons why you should be grateful you attend UC Davis instead of Sacramento State: 7.) Cows: When you take a walk down […]

Aggressive Turkey Terrorizes UC Davis Students in the Library

Downtown Tom, the aggressive turkey that terrorized Downtown Davis last week, has found himself wandering around campus and is now terrorizing the students.  Along with hundreds of UC Davis students, the turkey spent most of yesterday hanging around Shield’s library. Unlike the students, however, his intentions were not productive. He spent most of his time […]