Grace Moore

Grace Moore

5 University of Iowa Dorms Renamed as the Trash They Truly Are

If there's one thing that every Hawkeye can agree on, it’s that underclassman are trash. The Black Sheep presents each dorm as a unique type of rubbish bin.

The Black Sheep Interviews: A UIowa Freshman Who Hasn’t Slept in 98 Hours

TBS interviews the longest consecutively conscious student in Hawkeye history, and we couldn’t wait to see all she had to say.

5 Things You’d Rather Be Doing than Eating a Flex Meal Right Now

There’s no question that Flex Meals are subpar at best. Sure, it’s nice to get a DiGiorno four cheese pizza and a yogurt, but at what cost?

Do You REALLY Belong at UI or Are You Cyclone Trash?

Most of you think that your “Fuck State” lip tat rings true, but take this quiz to find out if you REALLY belong at the Home of the Hawkeyes.

What Your Backpack Says About You as a Hawkeye

The type of backpack you have says a lot about your personality. Think of it like a zippered up horoscope…or something.

5 Iowa City Smells We All Know and Hate

Iowa City is best at wafting many conflicting scents into your nostrils at any given moment, and we've pointed out five of the of the most infamous for you.

6 Ways to Beat the Iowa City Spring Break Blues

You’re stuck in Iowa City for break. Fortunately, we've got your back. Here are six things to do in Iowa City if you’re stuck with the spring break blues.

5 Perks of Dating a Good Ol’ Iowa Boy

With all of this young love, it’s hard not to wonder why your wedding Pinterest board isn’t getting any attention, but, Hawkladies, the solution is simple.

A 5 Step Guide to Stealing All the Best Desserts From Burge

While you’re waiting in a haphazard line of salivating 18 year olds, here’s a quick and helpful guide to stealing more than one of those sweet sweet treats.