Grace Pedersen

Grace Pedersen

5 Resolutions That Will Make You a Better Blue Hen

New Year’s Eve comes with great parties & alcohol slightly better than Everclear, this year Blue Hens may be looking for more than a hangover on January 1st

Top 6 Extreme Additions to the UD Bucket List

Newly inaugurated President Ass-Anus's newest project involves revamping the G-rated UD Bucket List to be a little more extreme.

Top 7 Best Places to Lie in a Sad Pile of Leaves at UD

UD students who have been dreading the upcoming finals week of the semester have begun exhibiting strange behaviors like lying uselessly in piles of leaves.

Annual 300 Mile Train Passes Through UD, Divides Campus

Last Thursday, the annual 300-mile train passed through the University of Delaware, and effectively segregated the entire campus for 30 hours.

From Blue Hen to Blue Chicken: A Movement Toward Gender Equality

YouDee's gender has been called in to question -- many students are beginning to ask how representative a Blue Hen really is of the student body.