Hannah Harlan

Hannah Harlan

Chief Campus Editor

University of Delaware
UD Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Here are some UD Alumni that are no doubt doing so much more than you ever will in your shitty career.

7 Hells of Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland

Baltimore City may be the land of pleasant living; but just ten miles north, Lutherville-Timonium can sometimes be a land of living hells.

Exotic Vacation Destinations for UD Students to Explore This Summer

There are plenty of hot getaways where UD students can go to do whatever they want without being judged, or caught on camera in Mentor’s Circle for example.

A Beginner’s Guide to Scaring the Living Sh*t Out of UD Summer Tour Groups

Some have decided to stay in Dirty Del this summer rather than handle to life at home. And the best way to stay entertained in Newark is to scare freshmen!

UD Sisterhood Win! Show Your Little How Unique Your Friendship Is With This Generic Letter Written by Me

Dear Little,First, I want to thank you for all the amazing memories we made this semester. Thanks for always talking to me whenever we see each other. I really love that you say words to me a lot. They’re always such good words. You are a poet. I’m so glad you know what my name […]

Things to Get Your Grubby Little Hands on Before Leaving Newark

Now that your time here has almost come to a close, it only seems fair that you steal some shit on your way out.

Large Scale Orgy to Take Place on Green in Retaliation Against Westboro Baptist Church

Protesters congested the walkways at the top of the Green to tell us that we’re all going to hell, as if most UD students didn’t already know that.

Wayward UD Student Wanders into Deer Park on Friday Night, Confuses Customers and Staff

While staff scrambled to get the situation under control, reports say that the student spilled several drinks and knocked over the beloved popcorn machine.

New Dorm Trend Sweeps Nation: College Freshmen Everywhere Are Trading Their Tapestries for Fresh Road Kill

First it was movie posters, then string lights, then tapestries, but now college freshmen have begun to furnish their dorm rooms with a hot new decoration: fresh road kill. Other traditional aesthetic choices are being kicked to the curb to make way for the decaying carcasses of raccoons, squirrels, opossums, skunks, and other small animals […]

Disappointing: Classmate Lands Summer Internship Helping Mom Around The House and All You Got Was This Stupid Hat

With graduation quickly approaching, college seniors are just now beginning to scramble for spots in the job market. In just two short months, your classmate will have landed an internship helping his mom around the house; a position that will surely lead to further career opportunities; and all you’ll have is a stupid hat.The hat […]