Hannah Rahe

Hannah Rahe

5 Ways to Keep Cool in the Hot n’ Dirty Eug.

Let’s be honest, the weather this spring term has been absolute shit. The sun all UO students look forward to winter term has failed us.

5 Really Convincing Excuses to Give Your UO Professors this Spring Term

Spring term hosts many events for University of Oregon students, who spend the term drinking, attending festivals, and going to Shasta.

5 Signs You’re at a UO Sorority or Fraternity Pinning

For those of you who have no idea what a Pinning is, and yes, we're looking at all you GDI’s, pinning’s are derived from the concept of lavaliering.

5 of the Best Spots to Sneakily Poop on UO’s Campus

There are some students, who don’t mind shitting in public, and then there are some students who do, but in the end, we all poop.

6 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Dartying in the Dirty Eug

Ah, springtime in Eugene. The season where it’s acceptable to day drink at least half of the week; in fact, it’s encouraged.