Hannah Ryder

Hannah Ryder

6 Non-Academic Reasons Why You Won’t Graduate

For some Broncos, the WMU experience is coming to an end, and that means getting a real job that pertains to the major you randomly picked at the end of sophomore year. Being at Western has been the best five years of your life, and you want to stay here forever and pee on the […]

7 Things Every WMU Freshman Will Find in their Dorm During Move-Out

It’s getting close to the end of the semester, and for freshmen that means ending an idyllic first year of college. Soon, you’ll be moving out of the dorm you haven’t cleaned since you moved in, and this will be much more complicated than any final you will take. Here are 7 things you’re guaranteed […]

West Main Restaurant Finley’s to Market its “Unique” Meat Scent

Finley’s Grill and Steakhouse is bringing on a new endeavor that they’re sure will sweep the town of Kalamazoo off its feet. On April 16th, the restaurant will be releasing a collection of products that will carry the strong signature aroma which emanates from their steakhouse to cloak West Main in a ridiculously thick smog.“Here […]

6 Ways to Completely Piss off any WMU Student

From food to a holiday only Kalamazoo residents can love, Broncos have a shitload of solid traditions and beliefs that must be respected. To help everyone who is sadly not a Bronco, The Black Sheep formed the list of all lists to let the world know our trigger warnings. 6.) Saying that Two Fellas isn’t […]

WMU Fraternity Loses Entire Budget on March Madness

March Madness has been making frat boys drink more than usual. Unfortunately, one of the largest and most obnoxious fraternities of Western Michigan University, Sigma Phi Epsilon, is not drinking to alleviate the pain because they simply can’t afford it.The entire Sig Ep budget was placed on a bet that the Villanova Wildcats would win […]

Western Heights Freshman has Mental Breakdown About Having to Moving Out

  19-year-old Western Heights East resident Brett Collins can’t believe his time at the new freshman-only dorms is going to be over soon. Now that spring break has ended, the accounting major realized finals aren’t too far behind, meaning that his first year as a Bronco will be over soon. It also means that Collins […]

QUIZ: What WMU Haiku Are You?

We’re coming up on March, which means National Haiku Writing Month will be ending soon. And we need to celebrate NaHaiWriMo, as it’s called, because no one else will. When you relate to poetry, you feel smart, and with impending midterms a little dash of confidence is needed. Class is in session kids. Time to […]

WMU Pressures Coach Tim Lester To Use “RTB” For Better Mantra

With WMU relinquishing the boat to PJ Fleck, the pressure is on for new head football coach Tim Lester to come up with a slogan that will act as the backbone of the team, hopefully drawing in more recruits that “Row the Boat” did. The only caveat is that Lester is being asked to use […]