Harrison Kohen

Harrison Kohen

UMass Amherst to Unveil Monument to Commemorate the Hundreds of UCards Lost Each Year

Over the 2016-2017 academic year a small portion of every $25 UCard replacement fee has been set aside to curate the new monument.

In Memoriam of the Greatest Jackets Lost at UMass Parties in 2017 So Far

Join us, as we take a look back at some of the jackets that have been with us through it all. They may be gone, but they will NEVER be forgotten.

UMass Junior In Line at Green Fields Thankful She Packed A Snack

The single-file line for Green Fields was “wicked long,” stretching out of Blue Wall, past Harvest Market, and down the Campus Center Escalator.

The Legend of the Blue Wall Trash Monster

Lurking in the depths of the Campus Center, in the heart of Blue Wall, lives the trashiest beast in all of Western Massachusetts.

UMass to Follow Through with Plans to Become a ‘Nature Sanctuary Campus’

UMass Amherst Board of Trustees announced their plans to roll out the initiative to become a Nature Sanctuary Campus, in response to student protests.