Harrison Pasley

Harrison Pasley

7 People Who Should Replace Butch Jones

And here are 7 people just as qualified (if not more) to coach the Vols.

Welcome to Vanderbilt Hate Week

If UT can recycle events for the Kentucky game, so can we.

Top 10 Places to Fart at UTK (Because it Already Smells Like Farts)

It’s happened to all of us. And that’s why we have prepared this list, so that the next time the moment strikes, you will be ready.

7 Reasons to be Thankful We Don’t Go to Alabama

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are 7 reasons that we should be thankful that we don’t roll with the Tide.

8 Classes Vol Slackers Can Still Get In To

Here are a selection of classes that satisfy a Gen Ed requirement and, at time of writing, still had openings. Good luck.

7 People Who Should be the Next Chancellor

The University has made several of the applicants known, but here are 7 people we believe would be right for the job.

Tennessee Homecoming “Most Likely To…” Awards

Presented here, for the first time, is The Black Sheep’s Homecoming Superlatives for the Volunteer Football Team.

Vols Scrambling to Find Substitute for “Gamecock” Halloween Outfit

Following Saturday’s humiliating defeat by South Carolina, hundreds of students are trying their hardest to find replacement costumes.

Exclusive Preview of Reese Hall’s Fright Night 7 Spookiest Stations

If you are itching to see what the RAs in Reese deemed “scary,” here are 6 things you can expect to find at Reese Hall’s Fright Night.

Vols Manage Not to Ruin Off Week

Believe it nor not, Volunteer football didn't do anything to ruin last Saturday's off week.