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Harry Styles

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5 Things Millennials Have Ruined at UConn

If you've read the news, millennials are a garbage group of human beings who are ruining almost everything, including good ole' UConn.

What To Do While Friendless and Alone All Summer at UConn

If you’re left at UConn this summer and only a few of your friends of friends' friends are here, then what are you supposed to do with your time?

ECSU Names UConn Student Taking Summer Classes Its New President

“We think he’s destined to do great things, and the fact that he correctly answered such pressing exam questions like ‘How many fingers is this many?’"

The 9 Best Walk of Shame Routes Through UConn

Have you ever woken up to the fresh hell of none of your friends wanting to pick your sorry ass up from someone’s apartment? Take one of these routes home!

UConn Daddy of The Week: Jovan

This week, The Black Sheep brings you nothing short of a papi with Jovan. Learn what it takes to get him to cuddle, and even more about flaccid dick pics.

Wow! You’ll Never Believe These 5 Proven Health Benefits of UConn Dartying!

While some may say things like "day drinking is irresponsible,” and "why are you drunk at the gym??" we here at TBS would like to share with them some proven health benefits of dartying, so don’t @ us!!

UConn Daddy of the Week: Omar

Greetings UConn and welcome to your weekly dose of “shit, I’m single af.” This week we bring readers future doctorlawyer Omar.

The 2017 UConn’s Drunk Food Bracket Winner: Wing’s Over Storrs

 Over the last 3 weeks The Black Sheep has been dedicating our journalistic integrity to a very important story/cause: UConn’s Drunk Food Bracket. Unfortunately our school has been obliterated and left to the wolves with no wins in either bracket. We’re shook. We’ve only been able to take a small shred of happiness in being able […]

UConn Mami of the Week: Christina

She’s not on Tinder ladies and gents, so you’ll have to employ some good ol’ face-to-face interaction and flirtation.

The UConn Drunk Food Bracket: Final Round

The last time you can make your voice heard in the most important bracket you will ever participate in during the month of March.