Sleazer Rodney

Sleazer Rodney

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University of Delaware
Actual State of Delaware Breaks Off from North America, No One Notices

Researchers say the actual state of Delaware recently cleaved from mainland North America into the Atlantic Ocean Tuesday Evening.

Starter Packs for UD Academic Colleges

We assembled some starter packs that’ll give you an idea of what the typical Blue Hen looks like whose major is in these schools.

UD Satire News Writer Still Figuring Out How to Market Useless Skills to Employers

Graduating senior Holden Kata is still unsure how to market the many years he spent creating stupid shit about UD to future employers.

Places on UD’s Campus to Flip the Bird Before You Graduate

Ensure that you cover all the bases and give those annoyances the bird before you leave – and we don’t mean YouDee, either.

5 Desperate Ways to Cut the Line on Rooney’s Pitcher Night

This is supposed to be the highlight of your otherwise insignificant week, so obviously you’re not going to piss it away waiting in line.

A Sh*tty Guide to Taking Sh*tty Grad Pics on UD’s Sh*tty Campus

It's that time of year! Here’s a guide on how to turn UD’s trash into slightly more photogenic trash for your social media accounts.

Blue Hen Ambassador’s Cold Sore Has Lovely Time on Campus Tour

Blue Hen Ambassador Tory Guidestein’s cold sore reportedly had a wonderful time on the tour of UD’s campus it received this past weekend.

What Your UD Major REALLY Says About You

There are certain connotations associated with each of the 150+ majors UD offers, even if the student body has only heard of twenty of them.

5 Spotify Playlists to Soundtrack the UD Experience

In an effort to better appeal to you goddamn millennials, we took the liberty of creating some Spotify playlists that encapsulate the UD experience.

Students Didn’t Think UD Could Get Any Whiter, Nor’easter Says “Hold My Beer”

Taking “UD couldn’t be whiter” as a challenge, passing nor’easter Winter Storm Stella decided to drop 6 inches of pure, cold whiteness all over campus.