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Sleazer Rodney

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University of Delaware
Blue Hen Ambassador’s Cold Sore Has Lovely Time on Campus Tour

Blue Hen Ambassador Tory Guidestein’s cold sore reportedly had a wonderful time on the tour of UD’s campus it received this past weekend.

What Your UD Major REALLY Says About You

There are certain connotations associated with each of the 150+ majors UD offers, even if the student body has only heard of twenty of them.

5 Spotify Playlists to Soundtrack the UD Experience

In an effort to better appeal to you goddamn millennials, we took the liberty of creating some Spotify playlists that encapsulate the UD experience.

Students Didn’t Think UD Could Get Any Whiter, Nor’easter Says “Hold My Beer”

Taking “UD couldn’t be whiter” as a challenge, passing nor’easter Winter Storm Stella decided to drop 6 inches of pure, cold whiteness all over campus.

UD STEM Majors Plan to Confront Man Who Led Them into Life of Hell

UD STEM majors vowed to stage a protest against the man they claim convinced them to venture into an academic career of never-ending pain and suffering.

QUIZ: Which Main Street Bar Are You?

UD offers many different bars that are all unique, usually fun, and slightly problematic in their own special ways. Which one are you?

UD Sorority Girl Puts Herself, Lunch Out There For Recruitment

UD PNM Katie Hurley disaffiliated a Chick-fil-A sandwich she scarfed down an hour earlier as part of her natural tendency to vomit when feeling threatened.

The 6 Most Stressful Parts About Sorority Recruitment at UD

Soon you can claim membership in something bigger than yourself, even though you’re already a student at UD, part of a freshman floor, etc.

Biden to Christen Biden Institute by Driving Flaming Monster Truck Over Roof

Biden felt it was necessary to do the general public a service by “doing a sick fiery double backflip over the whole fuckin’ building, dude.”

Throat Swab by Student Health Nurse on Valentine’s Day Most Action UD Freshman Will Get All Year

After spending winter session on campus an excited UD freshman, Quentin Tipton, is finally going to have physical contact with another real life human being