Ilana Karp

Ilana Karp


A Definitive Ranking of the Top 20 KU Basketball Camping Group Names

But if there’s one thing that makes camping worth it, it’s hearing the group names read out loud, and yelling “here” in a public display of dominance.

12 KU-Inspired Pick Up Lines Sure to Get you Laid This Weekend

They’re out of your league, there’s no way they would give you a chance. Drop one of these pickup lines on ‘em, they’ll see how witty and charming you are.

5 Places to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner Alone at KU

It’s finally Thanksgiving, and while all your friends are either going home, meeting their significant others’ parents, your sorry ass has no plans.

James Naismith’s Official Rules of Basketball, Simplified for Your Pea Brain

It’s basketball season, Jayhawks. We can finally forget the travesty that is KU football and focus on what really matters; bouncing balls, baby.

An Ode to Mrs. E’s Chicken Tenders

They say the best way to express your deepest emotions is through poetry. So we’ve written a poem encapsulating Jayhawks’ most emotional weekly experience.

5 Things Big Jay Would Do if Elected President

Maybe there’s room for a new candidate in this race. Donald, Hillary, step aside. Here are five things our mascot Big Jay would do if elected president.

6 Ways to Spice Up Your Lame Halloween Costume

We know you thought you were being original and clever with your super relevant 2016 meme costume, but we all know you got that idea from Buzzfeed.

KU Rockstar Surprised No One Cares About Him After First Lawrence Bar Band Performance

Determined to achieve KU-fame, sophomore Andy Girshwood decided to join the Lawrence Bar Band, who perform on game day weekends.

The University of Kansas’ 7 Sexiest Alumni

The University of Kansas is full of accomplished, respected, Nobel Prize-winning alumni, but at The Black Sheep none of that boring shit matters.

KU Missed Connections

The University of Kansas is full of thirsty bros and hoes shamelessly on the prowl for their next sexual or romantic endeavor.