Ilana Karp

Ilana Karp


5 Beautiful Rings To Get Your Favorite Masturbating Hand This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s not too early to start thinking about the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. For all you single ladies out there, don’t worry. The Black Sheep has compiled a list of the most unique, beautiful, and affordable Valentine’s Day rings to decorate your […]

QUIZ: Are You A Basic KU B*tch?

You might like frolicking through the Chi-O fountain, but just how basic are your favorite things? Take our quiz to find out if you're a basic KU bitch.

QUIZ: We Bet We Can Guess Your Freshman Dorm Based On Your Typical Weekend In Lawrence

Believe it or not, where you lived freshman year says a lot about what your weekend habits are deep into your college career.

Millions of Women’s Periods Sync Up in Heartwarming Show of Solidarity

The day after Donald Trump was sworn into office, millions of women and some incredibly woke men marched all over the world in what turned out to be the largest protest in US History.But the true protest occurred not during the march, but hours later, when the enormous gathering of women across the world resulted […]

A Definitive Ranking of the Top 20 KU Basketball Camping Group Names

But if there’s one thing that makes camping worth it, it’s hearing the group names read out loud, and yelling “here” in a public display of dominance.

12 KU-Inspired Pick Up Lines Sure to Get you Laid This Valentine’s Day

They’re out of your league, there’s no way they would give you a chance. Drop one of these pickup lines on ‘em, they’ll see how witty and charming you are.

5 Places to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner Alone at KU

It’s finally Thanksgiving, and while all your friends are either going home, meeting their significant others’ parents, your sorry ass has no plans.

James Naismith’s Official Rules of Basketball, Simplified for Your Pea Brain

It’s basketball season, Jayhawks. We can finally forget the travesty that is KU football and focus on what really matters; bouncing balls, baby.

An Ode to Mrs. E’s Chicken Tenders

They say the best way to express your deepest emotions is through poetry. So we’ve written a poem encapsulating Jayhawks’ most emotional weekly experience.

5 Things Big Jay Would Do if Elected President

Maybe there’s room for a new candidate in this race. Donald, Hillary, step aside. Here are five things our mascot Big Jay would do if elected president.