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University of Kansas
5 Things Actually Worth Yelling About on Wescoe Beach

There are some things KU students go through that are so horrific, they forget all about the filthy sin that is premarital sex.

7 KU Things This Year’s Freshmen Will Never Know About

Things are always changing at KU, and no we’re not talking about the color of E’s meatloaf from week to week. Freshmen will never understand these things...

How to Use Your Concealed Handgun to Keep Your Roommate from Eating Your Easy Mac

Thanks to Kansas’s new campus carry policy, keeping your hungry-ass roommate out of your mac stash has never been easier.

The Judgmental Map of Boca Raton

When you tell people from Boca, you usually have to follow it up with something like, “nonono but it’s not what you think.”

12 MORE Times the Lawrence PD were Straight Up Savage on Twitter

It takes a lot to get people to like the cops, but social media has somehow made it possible. If you haven’t seen our first article, where have you been???

Quiz: Are You a College Graduate or Just A Large Confused Baby?

Congrats, you’re graduating!  Now that you’re no longer bound by the constraints of school, you can officially call yourself an adult. But… can you really? Are you really ready to take on the “adult” label? Your clothes never match and you still try to get away with ordering kids meals at restaurants. Actual self-reflection sucks, […]

5 KU Professors That Have No Idea I’m High Right Now

It’s just a regular day, wink wink. Actually, I just got stoney bologna and I’m headed to class. Don’t worry though, I smoke weed all the time.

Kim Jong Un to be the Face of New Viagra Campaign, “Projectile Dysfunction”

The marketing team for the popular erectile dysfunction drug Viagra has elected Kim Jong Un to be the face of their new campaign after he just couldn’t seem to get his missile up.The campaign, called “Projectile Dysfunction,” was inspired by events this past weekend, when North Korea whipped out their missiles for the world to […]

#BoycottTwitter: Liberal Twitter Wages War on Easter By Removing Egg

Ladies and gents, Twitter has officially picked a side. Our favorite social media entity has made one small adjustment that will forever change the way us good right-wing-Jesus-loving-anti-political-correctness folk see social media. Just weeks before Easter, our second favorite holiday of the year, Twitter demolished the once-beloved egg icon, and replaced it with the silhouette […]

Trump To Grab 10 Pussies in Honor of International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, which means women all over the world are celebrating their social, cultural and political achievements, while pushing for further progress.But feminism’s real hero is our own president and self-proclaimed respecter of women Donald J. Trump, who announced on Twitter this morning that in honor of International Women’s day, he will […]