J J Smith

J J Smith

East Lansing Bartender of the Week: Billy from Dublin

We sat down with Billy from Dublin Square to talk about finals, internships, and commencement speakers! Check it out!

An Honest Letter from MSU Seniors to the Lesser Classes to Follow

This open letter is a gift from all of us people soon leaving this wasteland of alcoholics known only as Michigan State University.

QUIZ: Do You Actually Deserve to Graduate from MSU?

Before you leave with the most expensive piece of paper on earth, Do you actually deserve the degree and the 40 years of loan payments that come with it?

8 Witty Things to Ask President Simon at the Seniors’ Graduate Reception

MSU's lovely president will host an awkward gathering of seniors in an attempt to pretend to care about your pathetic lives. Here;s what to say.

MSU Student That Regularly Attends UAB Events Goes to First Real Party

A MSU student recently announced that he had gone to his first real college party after forgoing a UAB book night for the event.

East Lansing Bartender of the Week: John from Harper’s

We caught up with John from Harper's to talk about Clue, dads, being drunk, and pants! Check it out!

QUIZ: Which EL Bar Should You Go to Instead of Class Today?

This helpful quiz will decide where you go to prepare for the next Beer Olympics, instead of going to that awful ISP lecture again.

5 Teams MSU Fans Should Root For, and 5 Teams to Not Root For

Sadly, MSU is now out of the tournament. Luckily we have some other teams for you to root for, and also some teams to definitely not root for.

How to Cope When MSU is Inevitably Eliminated from the Tournament

In light of the rather shitty season our Spartans are having, we think it’s best to give you some helpful hints to get you through this year’s event.

Your MSU Spring Break Expectations vs. What Actually Happened

Planning a meaningful vacation on a college student’s budget is impossible. Here’s how MSU students actually spent their Spring Break this year.