J J Smith

J J Smith

8 Spartan RAs You’ll Be Sick of Seeing While You’re Trapped in Your Dorm All Winter

It's colder than hell and you’ve been around your residence hall more than you’d like lately! It’s caused you to get pretty fed up with some of the RA's.

8 Things That Spartans Hope Were Left Behind in 2016

MSU students are fed up with the catastrophe that was 2016, and quite frankly, they demand change, especially after things like these.

6 Times MSU Students Could Have Complained But Didn’t

Unlike, our Wolverine friends down the road we take our wins with our losses. Bad shit happens to us Spartans all the time and you don't see us complaining.

6 Things You Won’t Miss About MSU Over Winter Break

As bad as we’ll be dying to get back to MSU to skip class for the entirety of winter, here’s a few things you probably won’t miss while you’re gone:

Big Ten Teams Described as Classic Thanksgiving Dishes

It's almost Thanksgiving! What if the Big Ten sports teams were famous for their own Turkey Day dish? Have no fear, The Black Sheep is on it.

MSU Set to Build a Wall Around Campus by 2022

The MSU Board of Trustees has voted to build a wall around MSU's campus. This is a response to the recent Wolverine sightings in East Lansing..

6 Football Teams That Suck More Than MSU

MSU football is currently 2-7, tying for the worst MSU football record in 25 years. We admit, we suck. But it could always be worse!

10 MSU Icons You Should Write-In on Election Day

This year’s election is scarier than ever, however, it’s not too late to write in some of MSU’s best in order to make elections great again.

8 Things Lou Anna K. Simon Would Do as President of the USA

This election is frightening, but we have a better candidate. How would our homie Lou Anna K., the president of MSU, do as president of our country?

The Scariest Halloween Costumes on MSU’s Campus

Want to wear something that will scare Spartans more than our current football season? Don’t worry, we have your back like the Rick’s floor has your shoes.