J J Smith

J J Smith

MSU Student Banned from Living on Campus After it was Discovered She was Not Using Combo X-Change

MSU has decided to ban a student from living on campus after it was discovered that the student has never used her Combo-X-Change.

MSU Vet School Bringing Zeke the Wonder Dog Back to Life with a 12 Million Dollar Donation

Zeke the Wonder Dog, who sadly died this past December, may not be gone yet! The MSU veterinary team is getting ready to embark on its biggest triumph ever.

AFC Owners to Meet for Official Vote to Determine Super Bowl Champion

This past Sunday at Super Bowl LI the New England Patriots pulled off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history in the game’s first-ever overtime. While Tom Brady is ready to celebrate his fifth Super Bowl game victory, as per tradition, the actual winner will be determined next week during an owner’s conference at the […]

Freshmen vs. Seniors: What MSU’s Campus is Saying About Valentine’s Day

While this day of love is exciting, it’s for completely different reasons for our youngest and oldest Spartans.

10 Alternative Facts MSU Students Know to be True

We now live in a country of alternative facts. Little did we know, Kellyanne Conway was just following the tune of the raging alcoholics in East Lansing.

White Oscars Voters Cite Only Black Friend Behind Nomination Results

This past Monday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced its nominees for the 89th annual Oscars Awards. Many Oscar voters are excited about the recent developments, citing their black friend Mason as a final selling point. “In years past I have ignored everything my black friend Mason says about movies, but his […]

Izzone Bucketlist: 8 Things to Do in the Izzone to Get on the Jumbotron

Getting on the Jumbotron at a game is the only thing that can make the mediocrity of our current basketball season seem fun! Here's how to do it.

8 Spartan RAs You’ll Be Sick of Seeing While You’re Trapped in Your Dorm All Winter

It's colder than hell and you’ve been around your residence hall more than you’d like lately! It’s caused you to get pretty fed up with some of the RA's.

8 Things That Spartans Hope Were Left Behind in 2016

MSU students are fed up with the catastrophe that was 2016, and quite frankly, they demand change, especially after things like these.

6 Times MSU Students Could Have Complained But Didn’t

Unlike, our Wolverine friends down the road we take our wins with our losses. Bad shit happens to us Spartans all the time and you don't see us complaining.