Jacqueline Davis

Jacqueline Davis

How to Catch a Tigerland Lover

You are sweaty and ready to find your soul mate. But where does one go for such a thing, you may ask? Why, to Tigerland, of course.

How Will You Crash and Burn at LSU This Semester?

How will you crash and burn from the death grip of responsibility and just life, in general this semester? Take the quiz to find out!

New Campus Bar, Bleachers, Expected To Be Overrun By GDIs

Despite its total LSU dad name, the new bar on campus, Bleachers, predicts GDIs and the non-sports fanatics will overrun it.

7 Things You Did During Syllabus Week Instead of Going To Class

Ah, another successful Syllabus Week at LSU has come and gone too soon. Syllabus week, AKA Chill-abus week, is every procrastinator’s dream.

Exclusive: 7 Stunning Photos of Middleton In Case You Forgot How Lucky We Are

With all of the new and exciting changes around campus, you may be wondering what the heck happened inside everyone’s favorite building?

LSU Student Is Barred From Finals After Lying During The Middleton Midnight “Check-In”

LSU Senior, William Sheerer was asked to leave Middleton library on Tuesday night for lying to on-duty officers about partaking in the routinely midnight “check in” and as a result, will be banned from taking his final examinations next week.

5 Life-Saving Tips For Your Impending All-Nighters in Middleton

Wipe the dust off those textbooks you’ve maybe used once to a smush a bug or as a surface table for painting your nails, and start to panic, tigers. It’s almost… FINALS WEEK. DUN. DUN. DUN.

Group Of Freshmen Claim To Have Had ‘Spiritual Awakening’ At Groovin’ On The Grounds

In what began as a pretty-ordinary evening filled with blue lipstick and vodka filled-flasks at LSU’s annual Groovin’ on the Grounds last Thursday night, ended in what a group of six freshmen describe as a “spiritual awakening” as soon as singer/song writer/glitter aficionado, Kesha took the stage to perform her hot new single, “We R Who We R When We R Drunk n Also When We R Dancing.”

6 Ways to Parkour Your Fat A** to a Spring Break Bod in 24 Hours

Are you fat and fed up? Have all of your dreams of shedding your winter coat been completely obliterated by quesaritos and happy hour specials? Would you like to confidently run around the beach in a tribal printed bikini (or speedo) on SB2K17 without being mistaken for a beach whale?

7 Things All LSU Students Have Done The Morning After A Classy Night Out In Tigerland

Whether you’re a 35-year-old student still in a love affair with Fred’s, or a now-classy senior who steers clear of it, you’ve been here, we’ve all been here, and probably will be, tonight.