Jacqueline Davis

Jacqueline Davis

7 Things All LSU Students Have Done The Morning After A Classy Night Out In Tigerland

Whether you’re a 35-year-old student still in a love affair with Fred’s, or a now-classy senior who steers clear of it, you’ve been here, we’ve all been here, and probably will be, tonight.

LSU Vapers Attempt to Make Vaping Great Again

You may have seen them around campus: all huddled up in the quad, blowing out sick clouds, muddling up your vision/pathway to class. But what this underground society at LSU longs for is more than a chill spot to blow their rings up into.

The 5 People At LSU That Make You Say STFU

Because let’s face it: LSU is full of some real assholes.

5 Things To Do If You’re Stuck On LSU Campus For Mardi Gras

We hope these tips will rid you of any FOMO you may experience. Make sure to follow them all and you surely, will win Mardi Gras.

LSU Foreign Exchange Student From Greece Gets Car Towed After Parking in “Greeks Only” Lot

Chaconas, 21, claims he is angered by such, “Deceiving signs,” and in addition, believes he should be able to park in Greek-only sections due to his obvious Greek heritage.

5 Totally Extra Things That Happened at LSU This Valentine’s Day

Ah, another Valentine’s Day has come and gone too soon. We hoped you enjoyed the day of love and rainbows and side chick revelations.

LSU Student Activists Demand Gender-Neutral Tiger to Replace Mike VI

As LSU gets closer to finding its consecutive tiger, Mike VII (after the passing of Mike VI this past July) activists from the Women and Gender Studies’ college petition LSU to open their doors to its’ first ever, gender-neutral tiger, after decades of traditionally all-male cats. Nellie Bena, junior at LSU and leader of the […]

The Ultimate Survival Guide For The Broke LSU Student

If you’re reading this then you most likely fit into one of the two college kid categories…You’re a freshman who got taken advantage of by sweet, sweet freedom this month and will now take this survival guide extremely seriously and actually get something out of it or…You’re between the ages of 20-28 and have found […]

LSU English Professors Form Union, Demand More Chalk

According to close sources of The Black Sheep, LSU English professors have formed a union against the university in the demands for more reliable access to chalk. It all started last Friday, when Professor Inkman, head of the Creative Writing department, stormed out of his Rhetoric of Magic class in a rage, yelling “No chalk, […]

5 Ways LSU Students Can Save Time in the Morning Before Class

Unless you’re the type of college student [demon] who gets off on running six miles around the lakes at 5 every morning, followed by a vegandairy-freewheatgrasskalechiaseed smoothie thing, then you already know that going to a class before 11 a.m. is one of the most brutal forms of torture any student can endure. The Black Sheep […]