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Jake Bowler

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University of Georgia
The 2017 UGA Drunk Food Bracket: Round 2

At the end of the day, you guys decided who the final four was. It truly has been a mad March this year.

The 2017 UGA Drunk Food Bracket: Round 1

Since UGA has a plethora of late night eateries, we at The Black Sheep thought it would be a good idea to gage our audience and rank them with a bracket.

How to Eat For Under $3 in Athens, GA

So next time you scrape together some bills, try utilizing them to their full potential. Here is how to grub on a $3 budget at UGA.

8 Alternative Facts About UGA That Are Definitely Not Fake News

Due to the recent media coverage, we at The Black Sheep have decided to give UGA some alternative facts of our own.

We Hacked Hairy Dog’s Phone and Found His Tinder Messages

We recently discovered UGA’s Hairy Dog has made a Tinder profile and looks to utilize his dog-like obedience and charm to woo the ladies.

Falcons Super Bowl Loss Causes Mass Returns To Athens Dick’s Sporting Goods

The Atlanta Falcons suffered a gut-wrenching loss to the assholes up North in a Super Bowl matchup that will sting Georgians for decades to come.

Movie Titles That Accurately Describe Spring Semester At UGA

The Black Sheep thought it would be a good idea to try and brighten your day with some Netflix movies that describe the spring semester.

To-Do List For When You Filled Your Bubba Keg With Rosé At UGA

The Black Sheep has come up with a common remedy; fill up your Bubba Keg, Yeti cup, or simple water bottle with your favorite spirits and follow our lead.

Welcome Back to UGA, From President Morehead

In 2016, we dealt with clowns, student-fighting preachers, and even Tech fans.

The UGA Freshman’s Budget: A Semester In Review

Your first semester of freshman year at UGA is finally coming to an end--and so is your hard-earned savings account.