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Jake Plautz

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ISU Fraternities Renamed for What Their Names Kinda Sound Like

Sure, put a Busch Light in his hand, and a pair of Sperrys on his feet and you’ve got yourself a mascot, but is that really representative of their name?

5 ISU Buildings to Flip Off Before You Leave

Whether it’s for giving us drinking tickets, failing us out of MAT 121, or whatever else, we deserve a little chance to get back at this place.

Top 5 Ways to Tell Your Parents You Won’t Actually Be Graduating From ISU

You aren't graduating this May and now you have to explain that to your parents? Here are the top 5 ways to break the news to them.

Construction on College Ave Extended to the Month Right After You Graduate

In an exclusive interview, officials confirmed that construction "will be finished at the proper moment to inconvenience the highest amount of people.”

QUIZ: Are You A REAL Redbird Or Just UIUC Trash?

If you ain't a Redbird, you a dead bird. Or maybe just UIUC trash. Take this quiz to find out where your true allegiances lie!

ISU Seniors’ Advice for Incoming Freshmen Trying to Live in Watterson

Us seniors have been here for four, maybe five, years. We know some shit. And what most of us know is how to live in Watterson Towers. We suffered there for at least a year, some were unlucky enough to suffer through two. Sure, it has its fun times. Like once a week. But every […]

7 Things ISU Should Begrudgingly Call the NIT Instead of National Invite Tournament

We may be beating a dead horse (or bird), but the Redbirds didn’t make it to March Madness. So, here are some names we'd rather be calling the NIT.

ISU Majors Renamed to Fit What They Actually Are

ISU’s majors have these specific, academic names that don’t really do them justice. So, here’s list of what your major should be called instead.

ISU Spring Break “Early as Shit” Yet Again

ISU students are excited, yet skeptical, of the upcoming spring break. The break begins, according to one student, “way too fucking early.”

ISU Student Completely Stress Free After Petting Therapy Dog

After petting ISU therapy dogs, sophomore Parker Johnston reported being completely unworried about midterms that will have huge impact on future.