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Jake Plautz

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Illinois State University
7 Things ISU Should Begrudgingly Call the NIT Instead of National Invite Tournament

We may be beating a dead horse (or bird), but the Redbirds didn’t make it to March Madness. So, here are some names we'd rather be calling the NIT.

ISU Majors Renamed to Fit What They Actually Are

ISU’s majors have these specific, academic names that don’t really do them justice. So, here’s list of what your major should be called instead.

ISU Spring Break “Early as Shit” Yet Again

ISU students are excited, yet skeptical, of the upcoming spring break. The break begins, according to one student, “way too fucking early.”

ISU Student Completely Stress Free After Petting Therapy Dog

After petting ISU therapy dogs, sophomore Parker Johnston reported being completely unworried about midterms that will have huge impact on future.

7 Ways to Completely Piss Off Any Illinois State Student

We’re a weird bunch here at ISU, but we all have a few things in common: the things that piss us off. Check out the top 7 things that drive Redbirds mad.

5 of the Most Fucked Up Things to Ever Happen at ISU

There’s really been some crazy shit that actually happened here. We’ll keep it a little light because, well, it hasn’t been THAT fucked up.

7 Ways To Pretend You’ve Been a Redbird Basketball Fan All Along

Worried about being called out as a bandwagon fan? Follow these simple tips to fool everyone into believing you've always cared about Redbird Athletics!

Honest Slogans for Every ISU Bar

Having a tough time choosing which bar to black out at before making bad life choices? No fear! These honest ISU bar slogans will help you decide.

Redbirds Suddenly Very Good at Basketball, Finally Have Something to Hold Over UIUC

After years of torment, ISU students can finally tell the douchebags of UIUC to suck it with confidence, as the men's basketball is now “good as shit.”

7 Spots to Have a Mental Breakdown at ISU

We can’t speak for everyone, but we’re not even a full month into the semester and we’re already beginning to lose our shit.