James Robbins

James Robbins

Heisman Watch: A Hype Train Comparison of Kelly Bryant and Deshaun Watson

Where the hell is all the hype for Kelly Bryant? Dude's only got 7K followers. We gotta get this hype train rolling Clemson!

The Ultimate Fan’s Game Day Guide for Clemson vs. Louisville

It's time for Clemson's third game of the season versus Louisville. Here is what you need to know about our first away game of the season.

Clemson vs Auburn: Your Week 2 Guide to Talkin’ Shit

We all know that the Clemson Tigers are the better tigers when compared to Auburn. Here are a few things you should know about Auburn before this Saturday!

Hater’s Guide to Clemson Football Week 1: Kent State Sucks Booty

Clemson football is back baby!!! Our first game is here and we're all just super stoked to get lit at tailgates with parents. Here is why Kent State sucks!

How to: Prep Your Little Butts for the Best Clemson Football Season Yet

Clemson Football 2017 is almost here bitches! In just two weeks, the Tigers will start their new season and try to bring back another natty title to Clemmy.

Top 10: Non-Academic Reasons You’re Not Going to Graduate Clemson

There are plenty of other reasons why Clemson might hang onto your diploma, and you’re all at risk of this happening every day.

6 More Varsity Sports Clemson Should Consider Adding

Softball is now a varsity sport at Clemson, which is great, but it’s time they listened up to students and gave us the sports we really want to see.

Everything You Need to Know About Clemson’s 2017 Spring Game

It’s finally that time of year again. Time to put up all the winter clothes, have cookouts, and get wasted outside instead of inside. Yes, Spring has sprung in Clemson. That means we can put the horrifying taste basketball left in our mouths behind us and focus on the spring game. First, some important things […]

5 PETA-Friendly Alternatives for Clemson’s Mascot

There are plenty of equally #FIERCE non-human non-animal objects that won't get their feelers hurt for being a mascot!

Rebranding Clemson Buildings As Cheap and S****y Alcohol

Clemson has a lot of buildings with character. We got everything on our beautiful campus from a nice bourbon to just shitty beer that tastes like cat piss.