James Robbins

James Robbins

Football’s Long Gone and Clemson Basketball is Garbage: Let’s Talk Tiger Baseball

Hennessy, Beer and Grayson Byrd's Mustache are going to lead Clemson Baseball to the Promise Land.

5 Other Very Very Important Things To Protest at Clemson

Stock up on sharpies, signs, and pitchforks because it’s time for us all to come together and fight the real evil out there, aka Clemson Parking Services.

Where You Go On Valentine’s Day in Clemson, And What it Says About Your Crippling Loneliness

If you’re like our writing staff and will spend the Hallmark Holiday eating your feelings alone in the corners of various Clemson eateries, then this is for you.

Breaking Down Clemson Signing Day 2017

From who could (but will never) replace Deshaun to the "recruit you’d most want on your side in a bar fight," we break down Clemson Signing Day 2017.

The Definitive Timeline Of A Typical Clemson Student’s Life

Sure, being drunk 90% of the time is all fine and good but tell us this: what have you really done with your time at Clemson?

BREAKING: Clemson Has a Basketball Team

Turns out they play in that Littlejohn building, AKA that building you go to pee while tailgating for football games.

20 Questions We Had While in Tampa for the National Championship

We sent an intrepid reporter to Tampa this weekend to watch the National Championship while avoiding getting gummed by toothless, drunk Alabama fans.

Clemson vs. Bama: The Ultimate Breakdown of the 2017 Natty Championship

The key to Clemson beating Bama is making Jalen Hurts throw. He has a noodle arm and a noodle dick, don’t @ us.