Jamie Dubow

Jamie Dubow

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University of Florida
An Open Letter to Gainesville Weather from Me, My Scooter, and My Frozen Face

As the weather in Gville hits a whole new level of bipolar, The Black Sheep UF reaches out on behalf of scooters and their riders across the city.

5 UF Texting Acronyms You Need to Know

Nxt time ur txting a fellow G8r, dnt 4get that u hav a whole arsenal of dope AF acronyms u can use 2 communic8 w/ each othr and rly get ur point across!

A Map of Midtown to Describe How We All Really Feel

Instead of Google's objective look at the blocks of concentrated nausea, here's a judgmental map that'll honestly answer any questions you have on Midtown.

10 UF Garbage Cans That Will Remind You That You Are Complete Trash

There’s nothing like a good garbage receptacle to remind you of ~what’s inside~. Here are UF’s top trashcans and what they’d say to you if they could talk.

The 5 Saddest Places at UF to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner Alone

if you’re a loser and find yourself alone on campus this Thanksgiving, you should decide against eating alone at one of these five places at UF.

How to Register for UF Classes like a Mothaf*ckin Boss

Registration season is upon us, Gators, and it’s full-on jungle madness so plan your battle strategically for when your time finally arrives.

Top 5 Places to Stuff Your Ballot in Gainesville

Our most important civic duties are voting and posting lengthy Facebook statuses about it. Your polling location will make or break your voting experience.

Tricks and Treats of UF Frat Hopping on Halloween

If you plan on celebrating this holiday binge drinking at multiple frat houses, there are a few key rules to ensure this Halloween isn’t a hallowaste.

Mildly Attractive P.O.D. Market Employee Allegedly “Totally Flirting” with Local Shopper

After a night of drinking UF freshman, Heather Jackson, went to P.O.D. Market to buy snacks when the cashier was reported to be "totally flirting" with her.

5 Reasons You’re Doomed for UF Midterm Season

Here's the sad truth: you have a midterm tomorrow and you haven’t started studying. And there are more miserable facts coming your way in the next 24 hours.