Jamie Dubow

Jamie Dubow

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University of Florida
QUIZ: Can You Acquire Pot from a UF Professor?

Stoners everywhere rejoice! The Holy Day has finally arrived. Do you have what it takes to get your professor to supply you?

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7 Things Everyone Fools Themselves into Believing About UF

Here are some UF April Fools jokes that we don’t want you falling for this holiday season. If you believe any of the them, you are the ultimate fool.

UF Class of 2021! Looking for a Roommate for Fall 2017!!!!

Hey everyone! My name is Jamie, and I’m so excited to be a part of the University of Florida class of 2021! I’m 100% committed to UF and will be attending in the upcoming fall semester. I just wanted to post in the class of 2021 Facebook page so everyone can see my face and […]

6 Ways to Cheat Your Way Through DM So You’re Not Standing the Whole Time

Here are 6 genius ways to get out of standing during DM. And if you can't hack it, just breathe and remember why you’re dancing. Carpe DM!

The Greenest Spots in Gainesville to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Want some places to get green on St. Patty's Day? We've got you covered! Here are the greenest places in Gainesville to engage in some special activities.

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12 Alert Texts that Capture All the Times UFPD F*cked Up

We know we put a lot of pressure on you, UFPD, but come on. YOU HAVE ONE JOB. Here we’ve collected the more noteworthy times UFPD fucked up.

8 of the Most F*ucked Up Things to Ever Happen in Gainesville

Yeah, Gainesville's a fucked up place to live in sometimes. To satisfy our morbid curiosity, here's a list of UF's worst offenders in recent memory.