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Jamie Dubow

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SHOCKING: “Missing Bumble Match” Poster Leads to Further Rejection

The girl who posted the "Missing Bumble Date" announcement was left alone and sad on Valentine’s Day. She continues the search for her dream bumble guy.

8 UF Themed Gifts to Give Your Sidepiece This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, show your sidepiece(s) your indifference with UF themed gifts —because commitment's scary! Happy Valentine’s Day from The Black Sheep!

QUIZ: What Does Your Morning After Say About Your Gainesville Night Out?

Piece together the clues around you to figure out which drunk alter ego your friends were (un)fortunate enough to meet last night.

A Definitive Timeline of a Typical UF Student’s Life

The four years we spend in college can go by pretty quickly, and thanks to all of the binge drinking it can be hard to remember everything that happened.

The Worst Places to Eat on UF’s Campus, Ranked by General Mediocrity

It’s hard to choose from the many subpar locations scattered across campus, but don't waste your precious flex bucks on these places!

Can We Guess Your Freshman Dorm Based on Your Typical Night Out in Gainesville?

Your embarrassing nighttime habits (it’s ok, you can be honest with us) match with your UF dorm freshman year. Put science to the test and take this quiz!

An Open Letter to Gainesville Weather from Me, My Scooter, and My Frozen Face

As the weather in Gville hits a whole new level of bipolar, The Black Sheep UF reaches out on behalf of scooters and their riders across the city.

5 UF Texting Acronyms You Need to Know

Nxt time ur txting a fellow G8r, dnt 4get that u hav a whole arsenal of dope AF acronyms u can use 2 communic8 w/ each othr and rly get ur point across!

A Map of Midtown to Describe How We All Really Feel

Instead of Google's objective look at the blocks of concentrated nausea, here's a judgmental map that'll honestly answer any questions you have on Midtown.

10 UF Garbage Cans That Will Remind You That You Are Complete Trash

There’s nothing like a good garbage receptacle to remind you of ~what’s inside~. Here are UF’s top trashcans and what they’d say to you if they could talk.