Jamie Dubow

Jamie Dubow

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University of Florida
Which Gainesville Street Should You Live on Next Year?

The college student’s most dreaded time of year is finally upon us: it’s time to start looking for a new apartment for next year.

Snoop Dogg Spotted Wandering Alone Outside of Weed Science Building

This morning, Gator Growl staff was franticly looking for tonight's headliner, Snoop Dogg. He was found later wondering near the Weed Science building.

Ghost of Tom Petty to Resume Position as UF Groundskeeper Just in Time for Halloween

Tom Petty's ghost is set to return to the University of Florida campus to resume his former job as a groundskeeper of the school.

UF Inspire Party Wins SG Election Thanks to Sorority Hunger Strike

After a sorority refused to feed their girls unless they showed their “I voted” sticker, several sisters decided to go on a hunger strike.

A Much More Accurate Version of ‘We Are the Boys’

The Black Sheep’s expert lyricists analyzed and adapted the words of "We are the Boys" to make it more realistic.

6 Reasons UF Taking More Money from Your Parents this Family Weekend is Totally Reasonable

UF Family Weekend is finally upon us! If you’ve ever wanted to make your parents feel even more robbed by this university, now’s your chance!

7 UF Freshmen You’ve Met this Year and Probably Already Hate

Fall may always be the same, but the freshmen seem to somehow get weirder and more annoying year after year. Ugh.

A Eulogy for Dennis Kane: Gone from Campus, but Not From Our Hearts

Although we did not have much conversation—in fact, I actively avoided you more often than not—I still feel like a piece of me is missing.

10 Questions You’ll Have After Dennis Looks You in the Eyes and Says, “B*tches, Right?”

Well, it’s finally happened. Your college career-length streak of actively avoiding Dennis came to a screeching halt when he looked deep into your soul.

7 Hells of Dania Beach, Florida

If you live in Florida you already know what Hell is like. If you live in lil’ ol’ Dania Beach, you probably have a more knowledge of how to function there.