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7 Best Athens Bars to Poop In

You’re still not sure what hole that burrito is gonna come out of but you better get to a stall – quick. So here are the top 7 bar bathrooms in Athens.

Student Eats Edible, Completely Misses High Fest

With Fest Season already well on its way, students are dawning their bucket hats and the number 23 and getting right down to business. This past weekend saw OU’s annual High Fest, a weekend full of booze, bongs and bros.As the name states this is supposed to be a “high” fest. Potheads rejoiced as everyone smoked […]

The 7 Types of Art Kids You’ll Meet at Ohio University

They’re everywhere, but you’ll typically find them in their natural habitat: outside Siegfried Hall smoking a cigarette.

7 Migos Songs That Are Actually About OU

With 15 Fest right around the corner, students at OU are excited for Migos to perform. But many people don't how many of Migos' songs are actually about OU.

Duane “The Rock” Nellis Named New OU President

McDavis’s replacement and it’s none other than the man, the myth, the big, beefy, bald legend himself: Duane “The Rock” Nellis.

7 Reasons it’s Impossible to Focus on Midterms in Athens

Midterms are coming up and it’s time to hunker down and get to work! You’ve spent the last 8 days binge drinking and watching Breaking Bad but it’s finally time to get your shit together. “Alright I got this!” you mumble to yourself. You stab pen to paper, jotting down notes like there’s no tomorrow. […]

Donkey Coffee Voted “Most Apathetic Place on Earth”

The local Athens coffeehouse is known for its numerous awards, but Donkey Coffee just raked in one more: Most Apathetic Place on Earth.

10 Professors You’ll Definitely Have at Ohio University

10.) The “Cool” Grad Student: They’re young, they’re hip, and they sure as hell don’t know what they’re doing. This professor will spend all of their time trying to “relate” with you; and in the process you’ll learn absOUlutely nothing. They’ll say things like “I was in college not long ago, I understand” and something […]

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Every OU Student

With 2016 behind us, we here at The Black Sheep would like to have a fresh start. So with that, let’s keep our heads held high, and hope for the best.

Top 10 Places to Puke at Ohio University

The stress is just too much and all you want to do is vomit. Well, The Black Sheep is here to tell you the 10 best places to do that.