Jason Arquette

Jason Arquette

4 New Years Resolutions Hokies Have Already Broken

Judging by the gradual shift in attendance from McComas to D2 throughout the semester, promises were made to be broken.

Bartender of the Week: Geoff from PK’s

This week, we caught up with Geoff from PK's to get his take on finals week. This is what he said.

From the Streets of Blacksburg: Why is Finals Week the Best Week?

We asked Virginia Tech students to make an argument as to why finals week is actually the best week of the semester, this is what they said.

4 Hokies Who Belong on Santa’s Naughty List

Even during this season of giving and more importantly getting, there are creatures in this world who have spent the entire year being quite naughty.

The SPOT Evaluation Conspiracy Revealed

After all, what better way to determine a student’s entire semester than by basing it off of what they have to say about you?

Friendsgiving: Virginia Tech Edition

Gobble to ya wobble and celebrate Friendsgiving the best way: Virginia Tech style. Just don't eat the turkey--our first cousin, twice removed.

Top 4: Saddest Photos Ever Taken at Tech

I mean sure, we were voted the happiest students in the country (which is absolutely true), but not every photo tells the whole story.

Top 4: Job Ads to Hit a BT Bus Near You

If you’ve been looking for that resume booster, check out these ads to hit a BT bus near you and watch the dollars roll in.

4 Changes President Sands Would Make If Elected President of the United States

In light of the debauchery known as the election, why not consider voting President Sands into an office that’s not made of Hokie Stone?

TOP 6: Places to Hide from Your Future on VT’S Campus

In honor of procrastination and the future staying out of the present, here are the top 6 places to hide from your future at Virginia Tech.