Jason Daud

Jason Daud

Staff Writer

Student Orders 60 Lbs of Lemon Pepper Wings, Late Night Thrown into Chaos

Last week, a student known simply by the alias “Wing Throat” walked into De Neve Late Night and used 120 swipes on 60 lbs. of lemon pepper chicken wings

Timeline of a B Plate Server’s Shift

Ever wonder what it's like to be a server at B Plate during rush hour? Read this diary entry of a B Plate server to find out.

8 (Awful) Things That UCLA Students Would Rather Have Done Than Vote in USAC Elections

Here are things that we’d much, MUCH rather have done than take the time to be engaged citizens and vote in the USAC elections.

7 Reasons to Ditch Class At UCLA Today

We’ve all been there – looking for reasons to miss whatever class we have today and instead, well, do something else. Here are 7 reasons to not go to class.

QUIZ: Which Cafe 1919 Pizza Are You?

It’s time to take this quiz to see exactly which Café 1919 pizza you’d be if you were born as, well, a pizza.

Interview With a UCLA Dorm Cleaner

We’re back with another much-anticipated Black Sheep UCLA interview. But this time, we are focusing on the everyday employees at UCLA.

An Interview With Gene Block: Part II

We at the Black Sheep occasionally like to check in with UCLA Chancellor Gene Block to get his take on current events around campus and beyond.

2017 Westwood Drunk Food Bracket Champion: In-N-Out

    Well, there’s no surprise here – after three weeks of voting, In-N-Out has been crowned best drunk food of all Westwood eateries (it’s California, we’re not surprised).   But of course, not before battling it out with some other respectable establishments. In the first round, In-N-Out ousted the popular fan-favorite Diddy Riese by […]

The 2017 Westwood Drunk Food Bracket: Final Round

The voting was close for both the “Quick and Cheap” and “Fancy-Schmancy” divisions, but we’ve got two winners.

2017 Westwood Drunk Food Bracket: Round 2

Last week we collected hundreds of votes in our round one. In the end, only the four strongest Westwood eateries survived.