Jason Michelson

Jason Michelson

End-of-Year Underground BRB Currency Exchange Spurs Investigations by Cornell Police

A recent investigation into this digital money system has uncovered a morally deficient underground market.

Blue Light System Updated to Smite Your Enemies Upon Activation

Safety has always been a top priority on Cornell’s campus, and increased political tension in the US has university administrators convinced that extra steps must be taken to ensure that students feel protected.In turn, as of spring semester 2017, the Cornell University Police Department is implementing a new feature in the Blue Light security system […]

7 Cornell Specific Coupons That Aren’t Particularly Useful to Anyone

We could all use some more discounts and coupons in our lives! Not these discounts in particular, though.

Cornell Researchers Conclude: Satire No Longer Necessary, Reality is Absurd Enough

Recent research has confirmed what many Cornellians have already suspected: reality is objectively more absurd than any conceivable satirical piece.

Gannett Health Services Initiate Week of Free STD Testing: “Dirty Rush”

STDs continue to persist in college communities, Gannett has decided to offer a week of “dirty rush”

6 Things Cornell Freshmen Do That Make Their Parents Love Them Less

For a lot of parents, college is the first time that their children are away from them, here’s a list of some mistakes that most Cornell freshmen make.

Cornell’s 12-Year-Old Freshman Considers School/Life Balance, Transfers to Hotel School

Cornell admitted its youngest freshman in the history of the university this fall in Jeremy Shuler, a 12-year-old astrophysics prodigy.  The son of two highly talented aerospace engineers, Shuler is used to the high expectations academia places on young geniuses – and he is not interested in continuing to live by them any longer.“My parents […]