Jayne Chacko

Jayne Chacko

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6 Laws Rutgers Students Break Every Night Out in New Brunswick

Your student career at Rutgers wouldn't be complete if you didn't break each of these laws at least once during a night out.

6 Spots on Easton Ave. to Stuff Your Face for $3

The Black Sheep put together a list of places located on the glorious Easton Ave to eat at for less than 3 buckaroos. You're welcome.

6 Pretty F*Cked Up Things To Happen At Rutgers

A lot of crazy shit happens at Rutgers, but there are a few events that stand above the rest for being a tad bit more fucked up than usual.

The Definitive Timeline of a Typical Rutgers Student’s Life

This timeline tells you exactly when these milestones will happen so now you’ll have more life events to drink to. You’re welcome.

QUIZ: Can We Guess Which Campus You Are Based on Your First Weekend Back At RU?

What if housing placed you on Busch Campus when you’re a true College Ave at heart? Either way, we can guess which campus you truly are.

Preparing for the End: Inauguration Day at Rutgers

Before America’s new Supreme Leader Monster Overlord officially takes office this Friday, there is some much needed prepping Rutgers students need to do.

6 Things You Definitely Won’t Miss About RU Over Winter Break

As your mom drives you home you think about all the drinking, friends and complete freedom RU provided. But then you remember all the things you won't miss.

The 6 Best Places to Have a Mental Breakdown in Club Alex

With the never-ending shit storms of 2016 and finals just around the corner, it looks like you’re due for a mental breakdown.

5 More Important Things to “Cuff” at Rutgers This Winter

We all know that cuffing a lady/lad is a skill that takes time to master, but there are other things at Rutgers that require your commitment this winter.

Leaked Email From President Barchi Reveals He’s Already Planning to Not Have Snow Days This Winter

After the first snowfall of winter on Saturday night, President Barchi emailed the Rutgers staff his intentions regarding weather and classes.