Jeffrey Lynch

Jeffrey Lynch

UO Students Enter Spring Term Still Drunk Following Final Four Exit

Before spring break, students were reportedly excited for the start of spring term. However, the campus’ usual enthusiasm has taken a hit following Oregon’s last-second loss to UNC in the Final Four, turning what would have been a cheerful celebration into intoxicated misery.  Arriving for his first class of the term, a midday discussion session […]

Stressed UO Student Reserves Knight Library Study Room To Cry

Overwhelmed with stresses piled on during dead week, UO freshman headed over to the Knight Library to deal with his problems the only way he knew how.

UO Freshman Still Wearing IntroDUCKtion Lanyard Around his Neck

Over the summer leading into freshman year, each incoming student is gifted a UO lanyard during their IntroDUCKtion session.

5 of the Most F*cked Up Things to Ever Happen at UO

Amid all the zany things we've come to encounter on a daily basis in Eugene, we often forget some of the crazier events that've happened in our recent past.

“Freshmen will never know what it was like to experience 2 a.m. Common Grounds,” Laments Wistful UO Sophomore

Following a series of budget cuts, the University of Oregon decided to nix popular late night dining options at Carson and Hamilton Halls.

UO Fraternity Man Donates Blood to Get Drunk Faster

This Valentine’s Day, the Lane Blood Center and American Red Cross are making their monthly return to the UO campus outside Lillis Business Complex.

Disagreement Over Aux Cord Divides Formerly Close UO Roommates Halfway Through Winter Term

Bryan Rinks and Travis Wall foolishly thought that they would become closer if they roomed together their freshman year of college.

UO Intramural Team Prepares to Dominate Rec League

Excited for the start of winter intramural season, basketball fan Bryan Rinks excitedly set out to find a coed recreational team.

UO Freshman Undercut Duck Store Monopoly by Selling Textbooks on Facebook

The Duck Stores longstanding monopoly over UO textbook sales would come to an end as the result of the rise of a freshman entrepreneur selling books online.