Jennifer Green

Jennifer Green

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Illinois State University
The Seven Deadly Sins of ISU

Redbird or Hellbird?

The Evolution of a Redbird’s New Year’s Resolution

"New year, new me!" -- That's what they all say.

Top 10 Things ISU Needs in 2016

Everyone knows ISU is the bee's knees already, yet, there are a few things that could make us even better. New year, new Redbird. (or something like that)

The 5 Stages of Going Back to ISU

Transitioning from the warm comfort of sitting on your ass for a month, to pulling all-nighters and stressing over your future is not easy.

The Top 10 Buttholes You’ll Meet at Milner

Finals week is approaching and Milner is about to get crowded AF. Keep an eye out for these assholes.

5 Steps to Celebrate Your Last Final at ISU

Finals suck. Everyone’s stressed and you can practically see the souls of students being crushed with every test they get through. That’s where we come in.

From the Streets: Thanksgiving Edition

We decided to ask a few students we found out and about on campus, "Instead of turkey, what should we eat as a main course for Thanksgiving?"

5 Unconventional Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving—ISU Edition

If you're looking for a new way to spice up your Thanksgiving other than some dried rosemary and thyme, check out these fun new alternative celebrations!

5 Stages of the End of the ISU Semester

We've put together the five stages every ILSTU student goes through when its almost the end of the semester, but not quite yet.