Nancy Dawson

Nancy Dawson


Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No good, Very Bad Block

Rallying after Friday night is not easy. Follow the story of an average frat guy, Alexander, as he tries to make it through Block after a night of partying.

SHOCKING: Frat Uses All of Philanthropy Money to Help Brother in KAM’s Bar Battle

Greek life prides itself on philanthropy efforts through fundraising while getting drunk at Frat Park. However, President of Sigma Alpha Jared Walter recently decided the money the frat raises for their philanthropy could be put to better use.“Kevin really needed to win this bar battle at KAM’s last week. He’s been a carder for so […]

5 Combinations of People You Don’t Want to See Together on the Snap Map at 3 a.m. in Urbana Champaign

Ever since the absence of the “best friends list,” the Snapchat world has been dying to know which one of their friends is sleeping with who. Thank god for the Snap Map, because now you can figure that out, and see where Jen from Stats 100 shacked. It’s addicting to stalk your ex, and that […]