Jessica Misra

Jessica Misra

QUIZ: How Many Free Drinks Will You Score at Union Based on Your Outfit?

Here’s what your outfit of choice has in store for you during a night out at Union Bar. Please direct all complaints to the Patriarchy.

UIowa Stoops to New Low By Begging Ashton Kutcher to Teach Course

We all know if Kelso had gone to college he totally would’ve lived in Slater and spent a lot of time in the dirty lot behind it.

5 Ways to Handle Your UIowa Professor’s Painful Puns

Puns are a mystery on par with “is Ashton Kutcher actually on campus or is Tippie jerking us again?” Here are 5 ways you can handle your professor’s puns.

UIowa Student goes on a Social Media Cleanse, Loses 10 Pounds of Validation 

UIowa sophomore, Andy Sampson, committed to removing herself from all social media until "further notice." Sampson has since lost 10 pounds of validation.

An Open Letter From Your Unused Freshman Year Textbook

Hello. It’s me. Don’t you remember?  It seemed like just yesterday we met. I was a new European Monarchs of the 19th Century textbook, information that is crucial for every higher-educated American. We were both so young and so full of hope, the difference was you turned out to be the devil. The only thing […]

UIowa Student Shocked to Learn No One Cares About Her Spring Break Plans

While most UI students plan to be stuck to the floor of Summit over spring break, some have other plans. What's shocking is, no one cares.

Which CAMBUS Route Are You Based On Your Current Relationship?

It’s well known around the University of Iowa that the CAMBUS is a great omen of your love life. Let us translate the mystical powers of the CAMBUS for you.

5 Trendy Workouts You Tried and Inevitably Failed at the UIowa Rec

You even ate Chipotle over Pancheros that one time. This time you are going to try the trendy workouts the UIowa Rec has to offer.