Harambe Joe

Harambe Joe

MSU Student Signs Up for Alternative Spring Break for the Good Karma

Rather than going to Key West with the rest of his frat brothers, one MSU student has decided to spend Spring Break helping the less fortunate.

Izzo to Coach from Izzone Against Purdue Because F*ck It

Tom Izzo announced his intentions to coach from the Izzone during the upcoming game against Purdue, citing some beef with ESPN sportscaster Dan Dakich.

Unsuspecting MSU Student Receives “Couldn’t Care Less” Package from Mother to Deal with Mid-Semester Blues

This week a resident received a rather rude gift from her mother. The MSU sophomore received what her mother called a “Couldn’t Care Less” package.

Sparty Fathead Poster Makes Student Uncomfortable While Masturbating

An MSU student has been incapable of masturbating in his dorm room after his roommate put up an 8” x 16” Fathead of our beloved mascot.

Love Letters to MSU President Lou Anna K. From Residents of East Lansing

n order to provide her with a love-filled, romantic Valentine’s Day, The Black Sheep has requested that community members send her valentines.

UAB Lures Students into MTH 133 Lecture by Disguising It as a Screening of Moana

MSU Students who visited the Wells Hall Campus Center Cinemas to see the screening of Moana were quite disappointed when it turned into a MTH 133 Lecture.

MSU President Signs Executive Order to Run Pipeline Through Red Cedar

Tragedy has struck MSU as President Simon collaborated with U.S. President Trump to assure that the Dakota Access Pipeline ran through the Red Cedar River.

8 Glory Holes on MSU’s Campus to Ease Your Spring Semester Stress

The best way to relieve anxiety is by putting our genitalia in various holes across campus. Don’t quite know where to go? We got your back!

Strange New Activities Happening in B117 Wells Since UAB is Cutting Free Movies

Our beloved Campus Center Cinema at Wells Hall has reduced its amount of movies to one per weekend. But what will they do with the unused lecture hall?

8 Wonky-Ass Required Textbooks You Can Find at SBS

While you proceed to contemplate your textbook purchase, here are some oddities you can also find at SBS that may be a little more entertaining: