Harambe Joe

Harambe Joe

8 Glory Holes on MSU’s Campus to Ease Your Spring Semester Stress

The best way to relieve anxiety is by putting our genitalia in various holes across campus. Don’t quite know where to go? We got your back!

Strange New Activities Happening in B117 Wells Since UAB is Cutting Free Movies

Our beloved Campus Center Cinema at Wells Hall has reduced its amount of movies to one per weekend. But what will they do with the unused lecture hall?

8 Wonky-Ass Required Textbooks You Can Find at SBS

While you proceed to contemplate your textbook purchase, here are some oddities you can also find at SBS that may be a little more entertaining:

Find Out What Magic, Demetrious Cox, and Lou Anna K. Simon Have to Say

Ever wonder what your favorite East Lansing personalities are thinking? We were able to catch up with a few of them and here is what they had to say.

The Untold Story of Sparticus Christ

Most people think they know the story of our lord and savior; but in our version of the Christmas tale, he's more green than you remembered.

Environmentalist Uses Tray at Sny-Phi After Having “One Too Many Plates”

Terror struck at Sny-Phi last Monday as an Environmental Studies major found herself having to use a tray when eating lunch, due to her large sum of plates

Peppers Attends “Hamilton” at Wharton Center, Harbaugh Starts #BoycottHamilton Movement

Students had a lot to say in regards to this endeavor when Jabrill Peppers was spotted in the audience Friday night.

Wharton Center’s Production of Wicked to Change Direction, Include Harbaugh

Theatre enthusiasts were disappointed last weekend after discovering that the production entitled "Wicked" isn’t quite the musical they expected.

Top 10 Things to Do While Your Roommate is Still Asleep

Your dorm is not your own, you have to accommodate this heaping sack of flesh! Here are ten ways to prevent boredom while your roomie slumbers.

Top 10 Things Riley Bullough Has Been Doing Instead of Helping the Spartans Win

Has Riley really been icing his shoulder for 3 weeks...or is he doing something else? Here are 10 things we've caught Riley Bullough doing on campus.