John Lerman

John Lerman

SHOCKING: RU Sorority Sister’s Formal Instagram Still Hasn’t Reached 100 Likes

At only 78 likes, RBS junior Rebecca Morgan is the only girl in her sorority who has failed to reach 100 likes on her latest Instagram post from formal.

RU Frat Brother Proud to be Elected to E-Board Position with Minimal Responsibility

SAS freshman Bryce Gilbert announced that he will be stepping into the least impressive position on his fraternity’s e-board for the upcoming year.

RU Student Rediscovers Faith in God After Crowded LX Pulls Up Right In Front of Him

Rutgers Business School sophomore claims God is real as a crowded bus pulls up right in front of him at the Scott hall bus stop.

Non-Jewish RU Student Demonstrates Act of Bravery by Entering New Hillel House

SAS junior Phillip Lee built up the courage to finally go inside the Hillel building despite having absolutely no Jewish heritage.