John McPhaul III

John McPhaul III


5 Ways to Steal Someone’s Adorable Pedway Puppy at NAU

Being a broke college student can prevent us from buying one, so here’s how you can take one without asking.

5 Porn Storylines for the Flagstaff Lumberjack *in* You

Adult entertainment is a billion-dollar business, and Flagstaff could always use the extra dough.

How to Properly “Night Out” in Flagstaff

Going out is part of the quintessential college experience, and more importantly the NAU experience. Here's a reminder in case you forgot what it's like.

The Official Drunk Review of All Things NAU

So, in the great spirits of crippling alcohol addiction and the destruction of our livers, The Black Sheep sloppily presents to you our drunk review of NAU.

6 Movie Characters You Swear You’ve Seen at NAU

Since NAU and finals has already sucked the life out of us all, it’s time to acknowledge the movie characters we swear once held a Jackscard.

Students Upset Over Lackluster NAU Alerts

Many students have complained about the inefficiency of NAU Alerts over the past months, as they are far too vague to be alerting anyone to any danger.

7 Honest Answers to Your Annoying Relatives’ Questions at Thanksigving

Thanksgiving is that magical time of year when you go home enthusiastic to see your family again and then leave remembering exactly why you left.

Trump-Inspired Curriculum Coming To NAU This Fall

With the recent h’ge upset of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, it’s safe to assume that ‘uge changes will be coming when the president elect takes office. Trump has already talked uprooting our political system, but he will also be making some changes to our educational system by implementing some […]

The Judgmental Map of NAU

The Northern Arizona University map showcases the best of what NAU has to offer. However, it’s not the most truthful representational of our little campus.

6 Ways Only NAU Students Can Have Sex

Sex is an important part of everybody’s life, it provides instant stress relief as well as a meaningful connection with your partner. It also gives us a chance to experiment with our deepest, darkest fantasizes, and NAU students have a unique sexual prowess that shows through in these six saucy positions.The Lumberjack Hammer: This position […]