John McPhaul III

John McPhaul III


5 People You Didn’t Know Were Related to Rita Cheng

Everybody has a family; even heartless, cold-blooded, reptilian demons, like our dear president. Here are 5 people you didn’t know where related to Rita.

Louie the Lumberjack’s Origin Story

Louis James Montegoue, was born February 19th, 1944 in Ciudad Falsa, New Mexico, to father, Julio Boolio and mother, Kathy Montegoue.

5 Ways to Seduce Your NAU Professors

It’s time we give back to our professors the best way we know how: by bumping uglies with them. Here’s five ways to get it in with your teach'.

A Year at NAU Personified in Memes

Surviving a year at NAU is a challenge that many people cannot handle. As the 2016-2017 school year makes its final turn into the fiery pits of hell (where it belongs), we at The Black Sheep look back on this year and ask one very important question: which celebrated memes would best personify it? Getting […]

5 NAU Majors Renamed to Fit What They Actually Are

For most students, their major is a plaque of honor they wear on their chests. A sign that says not only what they want to do, but “who they are.” However, nobody said this shit was positive. We will all agree that the following majors give off a completely different vibe.   5.) Forestry A.K.A […]

5 Conditions the City of Flagstaff Definitely Has

Flagstaff is a town with issues and it's health has been deteriorating ever since a certain president took office, and it's not Trump.

New NAU Dating App, Timber, Hits the Apple Store

Dating has always been a tricking area to navigate in all of our lives. In the modern day, dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, or Hot or Not have made online dating mainstream. All of which increase the chances of you meeting the next Ted Bundy. But what if you want to get murdered exclusively at […]

5 Ways to Steal Someone’s Adorable Pedway Puppy at NAU

Being a broke college student can prevent us from buying one, so here’s how you can take one without asking.

5 Porn Storylines for the Flagstaff Lumberjack *in* You

Adult entertainment is a billion-dollar business, and Flagstaff could always use the extra dough.

How to Properly “Night Out” in Flagstaff

Going out is part of the quintessential college experience, and more importantly the NAU experience. Here's a reminder in case you forgot what it's like.