John Smith

John Smith

Top 5 Dream Places to Wait Tables with that English Degree

There are so many options now that college is over. The world is your oyster! And yes, we'd like those fried.

The 7 Hells of Wales, WI

Wales is a tiny little town in the middle of Wisconsin. If you were to sneeze going down 83 while you were driving, you might miss it.

We Texted 6 Girls from Tinder Twin Peaks Quotes to See if They Killed Laura Palmer

We texted girls from Tinder Twin Peaks quotes to try and figure out who murdered prom queen Laura Palmer--and to get laid.

The 5 Sexiest Iowa City Construction Cranes of 2017

Did someone leave the oven on in Iowa City? Because it just got even hotter! Iowa City is known for its sleek skyline and medium-attractive hospitals. But..

QUIZ: Can We Guess What Your Iowa City Summer Will be Like Based on Your Program of Study?

Summer time? I hardly know her time! It’s officially here. You survived finals week. But more importantly, you survived your friends’ study Snapchat stories of them “crying because finals week got them like…” Finally, it’s all over. But you should be proud. You attend a Big Ten university which is a big (ten) deal. You’ve […]

Catlett Hall to Promise Entire Floor Devoted to Giant Ball Pit

Catlett Hall will be the largest residence hall on campus and will include a fitness center, as well as a fifth floor consisting entirely of a ball pit.

UIowa Student Leads Group Across Clinton St. Crosswalk, Wins Leadership Award

UIowa student Dwight Johnson, was given a leadership award after aiding a group of students' in crossing the intersection of Iowa Ave. And N. Clinton St.

QUIZ: UIowa Students, Should You Go to Class Today?

It's another day, another Hawk Dollar, and another inner dialogue with yourself asking the question, "should I go to class today?"

University of Iowa Fraternity Futon Crawl

Last week was the biggest weekend of the year at the University of Iowa for members of Greek Life. It was the annual Fraternity Futon Crawl.

Ghost of Quad Spotted Drunk Outside of Union Harassing Students

Since the demolition of Quad, last summer the ghost that haunted the building has frequently been spotted drunk and disorderly outside of Union.