Jonathan Birdsell

Jonathan Birdsell


Survival Guide to Aspen Heights’ Pool

It’s nearly summer, which means we’ve got a few more weeks of decent weather before Stilly turns into the Sahara. As any student knows, Aspen Heights has a bomb-ass “private” pool where Cowboys from all walks of life get silly in the sun, but it comes with a few stipulations. We’ve taken the liberty of […]

8 Things Cowboys Can Say to Win Over OSU Professors Before Finals

Summer is drawing near, which means nervous break-downs upon realization of how shitty you did this semester. There’s not much you can do to salvage your unemployment-level grades at this point, but the best place to start is charming that snake-of-a-professor you’ve got. Try one of these 8 things to say, and you just may […]

Is College Bar’s Non-Smoking Policy Non-American?

Here in America we pride ourselves on everything ‘Merican, like our right to free speech. We’ll exercise that shit even when we shouldn’t…and OSU is far from exception. We asked two Strip-stumblers to debate whether the non-smoking policy at College Bar is American, or if it is as socialist as those maple-syrup-chugging Canadians.   Spiked-Punch […]

7 Ways to Completely Piss Off Any Cowboy

  There’s something special about OSU that sits in every Cowboy’s heart, but for every “pro,” two “cons” could match like they’re going in on a blunt. Cowboys are no stranger to the monotonous hum of daily-bullshit that is Stillwater, but here’re 7 specific annoyances that’ll have a Poke pacifying their rage with a bottle. […]

5 Lies Prospective Cowboys Are Told During Greek Discovery Day

Greek Discovery is tomorrow, meaning a swarm of high school Greeks-to-be will be flooding campus, searching for their dream house. What “Potential New Members” don’t know, is that 90% of what Actives tell them about OSU Greek life is a total f*cking lie. The Black Sheep took the liberty of creating a list of the […]

Oklahoma State Majors Renamed to Fit What They Actually Are

The vast majority of Cowboys have changed their major at least once, some never finding their place. To help these major-misfits find a place in this mild-wild-west academic institution of ours, The Black Sheep has compiled an honest list of OSU majors that’ll reveal more than a wasted spring breaker.Farm and Ranch Management — Just […]

An OSU Stoner’s Guide To Spring Break In Colorado

  With spring break less than a week away, OSU students have made their plans to get as inebriated as possible at the beach, or head up to Colorado for mountains and trees. To even the most experienced Stilly stoner, a trip to the land of bubonic chronic requires due diligence and skunk-strategy (beyond having […]

The Official Drunk Review Of All Things OSU

As students at Oklahoma State, we’re no strangers to the bottle… in fact, some say we’re pretty good friends. The Black Sheep got together with our own flammable friends to give an honest, and heavily intoxicated, review of all things OSU.The Strip: Number of Snapchats taken with Stripper Steve: One, tops. Dude’s creepy AF. Amount […]

6 Of The Most F*Cked Up Things To Ever Happen At Oklahoma State

Every now and again, there comes a time we must reflect. Reflect on what, you ask? Reflect on yourselves, reflect on your soul, and reflect on OSU. Sure, we could focus on celebrations, triumphs, and alcohol-induced shenanigans… but we only grow, fellow Cowboys, by remembering what blots our (already-difficult-to-recall) past. 6.) MLK Blackface Incident (Jan. […]

7 Cheesy Pickup Lines Sure to Land You A Cowboy-Counterpart

With Valentine’s Day rearing its ugly head tomorrow, there’s incredible societal pressure to have a special someone in your life. But, sometimes a Poke just wants something to poke, without thick ropes attached the other 364 days of the year. Playing the field is pretty much swiping right nowadays, but if your Tinder game’s off, […]