Jordan Randall

Jordan Randall

5 Neglected Chores Made Easier When You Use Weed As a Reward

One way to finish your chores more efficiently is to reward yourself with getting high via God’s green gift to the world: marijuana.

5 Reasons Why College Kids Are Actually the Best Dog Owners

A lot of people, including landlords, your parents and Petco employees seem to think college students can’t handle having a dog. But they're wrong.

The Ultimate Under-$10-Wine Wine Taste Test From The Ultimate Wine Expert

From the lips of a wine-tasting savant to the screen of your computers comes a review of five wines for the budget-conscious college student.

Top 6 Terms To Prove That No, This Totally Isn’t the First Premier League Game You’ve Ever Watched

Learn these key pieces of Premier League lingo and you'll totally fit in with the growing number of chill dudebros hangin' and watching fútbol.

WMU to Hire Local Mom to Enforce Tobacco Policy

In an effort to more strictly enforce its tobacco-free policy, Western Michigan University has hired local mother, Sherri Montane, with hopes that this move will curb the remaining smoking that is left on the Kalamazoo campus.Montane who, like any mother, is known for her stern tone and ability to display disappointment that can bring any […]

5 Things Dr. Edward Montgomery Will Have to Do to Be More Liked Than President Dunn

 For the last 10 years, John Dunn has served as the beloved president of WMU. He was always visible to the students and always had that adorable smile that made you want to squeeze his wittle cheeks. Now that Dr. Edward Montgomery is taking over, he’ll have a hard time being as liked as Dunn […]

7 Ways to Prepare for House Crawl 2017

It’s that magical time of year when practically all of WMU gets together in the name of getting day drunk for no real reason. House Crawl is an event that is sure bring out the wild side in every Bronco while the police chase your drunk asses from house to house. A party like this […]

6 Things A Bronco Realizes When You Spend All of Your Time in Brown Hall

Brown Hall is an eyesore, but it’s an eyesore that communication students at Western call home. Once a comm student reaches junior year, nearly all of their time is spent here. This creates a unique experience that no other Bronco can relate to. So in order to give you a glimpse into what it’s like […]

WMU-CMU Midweek Rivalry Game Forces Bronco to Get Plastered Every Wednesday

The middle of the week is not a good time to host a rivalry game in college football. That is the sentiment that is growing amongst Western Michigan University students as next football season’s CMU game, a game for which students wish to be drunk and belligerent to hurl appropriate insults that the match-up requires, […]

WSA Passes Resolution to Give Themselves Relevance

The Western Student Association passed the “Witness Us!” Act on Friday, a resolution they hope will instill a new era of relevance that the organization has never had before.“Let’s be honest, no one cares about us,” Craig Paddington, WSA President said. “The small percentage of students that are even aware we exist just think we […]