Jordan Salmon

Jordan Salmon

5 Things That Can Easily Ruin Your Valley 1 End of Year Dorm Party

After a long year of studying everyone wants to throw an end of the year party, and the Broncos of the Valleys are no exception. However, there are tons of things can ruin your fun, and some dorms are harder to throw parties in than others. If you’re  one of the Broncos living in the […]

QUIZ: Are You a True Bronco or Chip Trash?

There are many differences between the Broncos of WMU and the human garbage that call themselves the CMU Chips, but sometimes it can be hard to tell. They could be all around you, hiding in plain sight. You might even be one yourself. This quiz is the only way you can know for sure if […]

The 5 People You Will Always See at The Library Kitchen and Taphouse

Have you ever noticed how you see the exact same types of people every time you hit the bar? Everyone knows that a trip to The Library comes with a lot of booze and bad decisions, but the most memorable part of the trip is always the hilarious ensemble cast of drunk Kalamazoo denizens you […]

QUIZ: Which Kalamazoo Bar Are You?

WMU is known for its wild parties, but Kalamazoo has the perfect bars for you and whatever kind of weird drinking habits you have. Whether you’re planning on casually sipping an expensive beer or immediately getting hammered, this quiz will help you find which of the Zoo’s lovely watering holes best represents you.   Drunk […]