Josh Lucas

Josh Lucas

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Top 10 Orgs You Ironically Signed Up for at the UW Student Org Fair But Now Have 1,000 Emails From

The Black Sheep traveled to UW's Student Org Fair last week and we picked out the top 10 orgs that make you go, "Wait that actually exists?"

6 Things The Class of 2021 Will Never Know about UW

Did you know you didn't always have to wait to cross University and listen to the monotone crosswalk voice telling you "walk sign to cross Park is on?"

Mentos Guy Succeeds In Not Screwing Over The Entire UW Campus

One can’t help but think that if he had failed, his life on campus would’ve been quite awkward to say the least.

UW Freshmen Concerned Witte ‘Won’t Be Shitty Enough’

UW's 53 year old residence hall will see various improvements. But some new students are wishing they were around for the prime "shitty" days of Witte.