Josh Schneider

Josh Schneider


5 Most Romantic Places to Bone at GVSU

Tired of dinner and a movie? Are you too poor or too cheap to take your girlfriend somewhere off campus for a date? We have the answers for you!

Candidate Predicts Landslide Victory in GVSU Student Senate Election

GVSU Student Senate candidate Phil Davidson believes his strict policies will cause him a landslide victory win in this year's senate election.

7 Pickup Lines From Louie the Laker

Louie shared some tips and tricks on how to become the ultimate ladies’ man. Here are some of his go-to pickup lines for all the single ladies!

Top 10 Cringe-Worthy Posters Around Grand Valley

Ever walked around GVSU and thought "wow wtf is that?" GVSU's campus is filled with cringe-worthy "art" that makes even professional critics shudder.

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $10 at the Laker Store

Still need a gift idea even though it's clearly Valentine's Day already? We got you covered with 10 gifts under $10 to buy at the GVSU Laker Store.

Top 10 Places to Take Your Valentine’s Date on the 50 Bus Route

So you’re a freshman and you didn’t bring a car, or you’re too broke to afford a car, or maybe you’re a public health hazard in a motor vehicle, regardless, you want to take your date somewhere nice but you don’t have transportation. LAME. Here’s a nifty little list of the places you can go […]

GVSU Offers New Study Abroad Opportunity in Siberian Labor Camps

The latest addition to Grand Valley’s 2017 study abroad is a 12-week program in Siberia. This program will be available to students starting summer 2017.

6 Ways to Get Secretly Sloshed Before the Presidents’ Ball

Sadly, GVSU is a dry campus and you may be under 21, but not to worry! We're here to help you get wasted to make the Presidents' Day Ball more tolerable.

GVSU Ranked Top Ice Day School in Nation; Criticized for Protocol

With the only days GV gets off being ice days, their protocols for determining a day off have been investigated.

Top 10 Things T. Haas is Spending Our Money On

Everyone gets that email from Grand Valley to inform you that your tuition payment is due, but where does that $5,00+ really go?