Jules Cook

Jules Cook

Landshark Wins Homecoming King in Landslide Finish

After weeks of campaigning, slandering opposition, and some good old fashioned bribery, the Landshark has finished in first place for Homecoming King.

Ole Miss Pledge Dropped via “Slipped Through The Cracks Clause”

A newly crowned frat star's been released by his fraternity and placed on waivers following just one week of pledgeship, due to slipping through the cracks.

Ole Miss Students Take a Knee to Protest Boring Classroom Discussions

Students at the University of Mississippi have taken to a unified form of protest by electing to take a knee during classroom lecture discussions.

5 Things to Look Forward to Now that You’re an Ole Miss Frat Star

Now that rush week is over here are some things that all of you, the newest Ole Miss frat stars, can expect to enjoy for the rest of your college lives.

5 Times Marshall Henderson was Straight Savage on Twitter

Nobody has a more ridiculous Twitter game than former Rebel hoops great Marshall Henderson. If only we could get him back in red & blue for another season.

Can We All Just Agree that Business is the Worst Major at Ole Miss?

Most majors are highly regarded, but to say the very least, everyone on campus can agree that the business majors here are the fucking worst. 

A Timeline of Every Freshman’s First Grove Game

Whether you're a freshmen or you've been around the Grove a few times before, this is pretty much what you can expect your Saturdays to be like.

5 Ole Miss Things This Year’s Freshmen Will Never Know About

While freshmen may think they know everything already, here are a few things at Ole Miss that the they missed out on.

Ole Miss Students Already High in Preparation for Wiz Khalifa Concert

The Ole Miss Student Activities Association pitched a curveball in it’s annual welcome week lineup by not booking a country artist, but instead Wiz Khalifa.

5 Reasons You Won’t Graduate From Ole Miss Besides Flunking Out

They say that college is the best four years of your life. While that statement holds true for some, many at the University of Mississippi must take a victory lap… or three. There are many reasons you might not be graduating on time, but here are the most likely (or accepted) ones: 5.) “Freshmen Forgiveness”: […]