Juli Holbert

Juli Holbert

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Ohio University
Drunk Advice from Graduating Bobcats

The school year at Ohio University is coming to a close. Seasoned Bobcats will head out into their new lives, or maybe just head into a fifth year on the bricks, and use the street smarts they learned in bar crawls to navigate their futures. It’s been another year filled with bad decisions, lots of […]

OU Professor Gives Fewer F*cks Than Students

He has been tenured for over five years and is sure to let his students know that. His RateMyProfessor review reads like confessions in a bathroom stall.

6 OU Fests That Don’t Exist, But Should

As the third and final week of street fests approaches, The Black Sheep took the time to compile some OU fests that don't exist, but definitely should.

Student Instinctively Crosses Union to Avoid Nonexistent Fence

When questioned by The Black Sheep as to why he’s crossing the street, Train just said, “To avoid the... F*ck! Where did that fence go?!”

7 Common OU Problems And How to Solve Them, the Athens Way

So many students let schoolwork get in the way of their drinking that it sometimes seems OU isn’t actually a party school at all.

OU Student Wears First Clean Shirt in Months, Thanks to His Mom

An Ohio University student awoke earlier this week to the shocking realization that he finally had a clean shirt to wear to class.

Top 8 Most F*cked Up Things To Happen At OU

Ohio University is home to the Bobcats and the fucked up. Though those things aren’t always mutually exclusive, they both have a place in Athens.

QUIZ: Which Athens Bar Are You?

If you’re not sure where you might fit in the best, take this sweet quiz to see what Athens bar you are!

7 Hottest Buildings at Ohio University

Above all other stereotypes, Ohio University is known for its beautiful campus grounds. Well, maybe that’s not true, but that’s what we like to believe.

OU College Republicans to Replace Rockettes at Trump Inauguration

Incredible! The OU College Republicans vow to shake their asses at Donald Trump's Inauguration on Jan. 20.