Juli Holbert

Juli Holbert

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Ohio University
Top 8 Most F*cked Up Things To Happen At OU

Ohio University is home to the Bobcats and the fucked up. Though those things aren’t always mutually exclusive, they both have a place in Athens.

QUIZ: Which Athens Bar Are You?

If you’re not sure where you might fit in the best, take this sweet quiz to see what Athens bar you are!

7 Hottest Buildings at Ohio University

Above all other stereotypes, Ohio University is known for its beautiful campus grounds. Well, maybe that’s not true, but that’s what we like to believe.

OU College Republicans to Replace Rockettes at Trump Inauguration

Incredible! The OU College Republicans vow to shake their asses at Donald Trump's Inauguration on Jan. 20.

The Pros and Cons of Having Sex At Home During Winter Break

Finals are coming to a close on college campuses across the nation. As students travel home, they are forced to tackle the inevitable challenge of sex in their childhood home. Before you embark on the taboo sexual conquest of banging in your parents’ house, consider these pros and cons compiled by The Black Sheep.Pro: Banging […]

OU Student Protests Final Papers in Order to “Save the Trees”

Junior Haily Moss, an OU student who embraces the natural body hair movement, has decided to abstain from partaking in her final paper writing process.

6 Reasons To Be Thankful You Don’t Go To Ohio State

We’re here to give you a couple good reasons that we’re happy we go to THE Ohio University.

10 Election Day Sex Positions to Get Your Mind off Voting and On to Your College Slampiece

This election season, we’ve needed to have a lot more sex to deal with the stress of the political landscape we’re faced with. College students have enough shit to deal with on the daily basis, and now the tension of the presidential race is looming in the back of your mind, splitting your friend groups […]

Female OU Students Confused On Dad’s Weekend: Who Is My Daddy?

Young women are growing increasingly confused as to who their dad actually is.

Top 6 Best Costumes To Get Arrested In On HallOUween

It’s time to get spooky & risk our clean criminal records with the potential for arrests based on public intoxication, underage drinking & public urination.