Julia Morse

Julia Morse

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UC Davis
The 5 Worst Things About Riding a Bike at Davis

Here are some of the worst conflicts that make us all glad to be leaving such a bike-centric town for the summer...

Black Market Emerges From UCD Commencement Ticket Shortage

After the ticket petition deadline passed and many students were denied more than their plus 5 tickets, the local internet community demanded more tickets.

A Drunk Review of the UCD English Department

Majoring in English may be a lot like majoring in Book Club, but as one of the department slogans says, “It’s Lit!” So we got drunker than Hemingway and reviewed it.

UCD Students Form Shanty Town in Ice Cold MU to Avoid Heatwave

Looks like the new MU came at just the right time. As temperatures rise, students are flocking to its superior air conditioning system.

Conservative Econ Major Emerges from Whole Earth Festival a Broke, Vegan English Major

On Friday, freshman economics major Theodore Plimpton attended his first Whole Earth Festival. He attended again the next day, and again the day after that.

How to: Not Be an A**hole at the Davis Pride Festival

While most places celebrate in June to honor Stonewall, we’re celebrating Pride Month in a month early because we just can’t wait that long.

The 5 Surefire Signs of a Haggard UC Davis Senior

Their senior resumes may say that they stand out among the rest but there are few other things that set Davis’s seniors apart from the rest of its students.

The 11 Weirdest And Probably Haunted Things We Found at the SPCA Thrift Store

Thrift stores in Davis have anything you could ever want—but they can have some really weird stuff too. We captured the 11 weirdest.

The 8 Daily Occurrences that Make Unitrans the Worst

For rainy days or for those of us who are just feeling too lazy to bike into campus in even the nicest weather, Unitrans is often our last resort. Too bad it sucks.

The 5 Best Places to Fart at UC Davis (Because It Already Smells Like Farts)

Eat all the beans you want; The Black Sheep has your back. Just not when you’re actually farting. Go to one of these places instead, they already reek.