Julia Stitely

Julia Stitely

UVa Frat Bros Brawl Over Bracket, Tear Fraternity Apart

Two brothers of a fraternity that has asked to remain anonymous are at odds over one's selection of Virginia to win it all in his bracket.

UVa Majors Renamed to Fit What They Actually Are

We know that your major tells you far more than just your future career goals. Here's what UVa majors would be called if we were honest about what they are.

6 Ways to Break the Law on the Corner

The Corner is a cess-pool of collegiate criminals, if you'd like to become one or learn how to avoid becoming one, check this out!

UVa Sorority Girl Literally Can’t Even with Her Little

During an otherwise excellent time for sorority girls around Grounds, one girl is forced to deal with the complications of a Little who just doesn't vibe.

QUIZ: Do You REALLY Belong at UVa or are You Tech Trash?

Are you a winner or a loser? Are you a cavalier or a turkey? We'll let you know whether you belong at UVa or in Gobbler country.

The Secret Anthems of Every UVa Dorm

Ever wondered if that shitty building you lived in your first year of college had a theme song? Us either, but here they are!

Bartender of the Week: Boylan Heights’ Spencer

We talk to Boylan's Spencer. He's into Jameson and gingers, managing his expectations, and ruining bath mats. And get this ladies and gents; he's single.

From the Streets: What Don’t You Give a Shit About that Everyone Else Gives a Shit About?

We ask YOU what you don't give a shit about that everyone else gives a shit about. Unsurprisingly, this involves personal maintenance and pizza toppings.

How Long Would Your UVa Organizations Last in a Horror Movie?

Which students live the longest? This list provides you with all you need to know about who dies and who lives if a serial killer were to come to Grounds.

The Definitive Timeline of Life as a UVa Student

Well, here is the progression that a typical Wahoo makes from wannabe, try-hard First Years to Fourth Years questioning why they are still wearing pants.