Julia Stitely

Julia Stitely

10 Things You Should Remember to Bring to Foxfield this Year

It's the classiest and trashiest event of the year. Don't find yourself there without the essentials to make your day just right. Start with vodka.

UVa Student Surprised when Arrested After Chain Smoking at a Chainsmokers Concert

A miscommunication led to a UVa student's arrest last night, April 18th, at the Chainsmokers concert along with his dismissal from a secret society.

10 Things More Surprising than Finding Out UVa Gives Priority to Rich Donors’ Kids

It was recently revealed UVa tracked “priority” applicants to the school based on the potential for their parents to donate money to the university- shocker

UVa Frat Bro Sells Patagonia Collection to Convince Tony Bennett to Stay

  News broke that the University of Illinois was prepared to offer Tony Bennett millions more than UVa currently pays him in the hopes that he will coach the Fighting Illini. Indiana and other schools are also reportedly interested. While most Hoos are sad, one student is determined to stop the potential tragedy. Meet Bobby […]

Quiz: Are You A Try-Hard Hoo?

Are you chill? Or are you UVcrAzy? Take this quiz to find out if you're super extra or just super.

UVa Frat Bros Brawl Over Bracket, Tear Fraternity Apart

Two brothers of a fraternity that has asked to remain anonymous are at odds over one's selection of Virginia to win it all in his bracket.

UVa Majors Renamed to Fit What They Actually Are

We know that your major tells you far more than just your future career goals. Here's what UVa majors would be called if we were honest about what they are.

6 Ways to Break the Law on the Corner

The Corner is a cess-pool of collegiate criminals, if you'd like to become one or learn how to avoid becoming one, check this out!

UVa Sorority Girl Literally Can’t Even with Her Little

During an otherwise excellent time for sorority girls around Grounds, one girl is forced to deal with the complications of a Little who just doesn't vibe.

QUIZ: Do You REALLY Belong at UVa or are You Tech Trash?

Are you a winner or a loser? Are you a cavalier or a turkey? We'll let you know whether you belong at UVa or in Gobbler country.