Juliana Rube

Juliana Rube

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UNC Charlotte
UNCC Students Triggered by Graduation Robe Color Change

UNCC students have reportedly been seeing petition signatures and safe spaces after last month's announcement that graduation robes have changed colors.

QUIZ: Where Should You Hide from Your Midterms at UNCC?

Midterms are, spring break feels so far away, and you haven't slept in four days-- where should you hide from your problems at UNCC?

The 6 Best Places to Have a Loud, Emotional Break Up at UNCC

Planning to break up with your significant other to avoid buying a Valentine's gift? Take it to campus to execute the ~perfect~ break up.

QUIZ: We Can Guess Your Freshman Dorm Based on Your Weekend Habits

Can we guess which dorm you lived in your freshman year based off of this weekend's plans? Let's find out, you procrastinating upperclassman.

The Low-Key Drinking on Campus at UNCC Drinking Game

Nothing says beginning of the semester slump like getting wasted on a weekday. Make your time on campus more tipsy with our day-drinking game.

QUIZ: Where Should You Take a Break at UNCC?

Don't stress yourself with menial decisions! Take our quiz to see where you should spend your time between classes at UNCC.

Blame HB2 For Lack of Snow Day at UNCC

The Spring 2017 semester is off to a great start: and by great start, we mean the snow storm disappointed, HB2 still exists, and classes go on.

8 Things on UNCC’s Campus You Just Have to Accept

Weird stuff goes on at UNCC all the time, from crown poops to being plowed over by a huge truck, but like grief, the final stage of annoyance is acceptance.

A Judgmental Map of Charlotte, North Carolina

It’s time to get to know the University Area, which holds many noteworthy places, like our beloved ABC store or the sketchy (but useful!) Kangaroo gas station.

Ranking the Sexiness of the Charlotte Basketball Team by Names Only

It's basketball season here at UNCC, so we have taken it upon ourselves to figure out who’s hot and who’s not on the Charlotte men’s basketball team.