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Guide to Dartying at UW Now That it’s 60 Degrees in February

The unexpected warm weather has got Badgers rolling out of hibernation and feeling some type of way. This guide's got all of your darty questions covered.

A Timeline of the Weirdness That Is Open Mic Night at UW

If you are looking to experience something new, go to Wednesday Open Mic Night at Memorial Union. You’re bound to see/hear something new.

A Timeline of the Typical UW Student’s Life

Let this timeline help you figure out where you're going, where you've been, or where you wish you would have been throughout your life as a Badger.

Can We Guess Your UW Freshman Dorm Based on Your Weekend Plans?

This quiz won't tell us if you're gonna succeed or fail this semester; but we can for sure guess which dorm you lived in based on the weekend you had.

UW Suspends Fraternity, Bros Now Considered Endangered Species

It has been drawn to our attention that UW fraternities are facing diminishing numbers after numerous suspensions this year and now are facing endangerment.

Interview With UW Seniors Who Decided To Go To Grad School To Avoid the Real World

The Black Sheep trekked around the tundra that is the UW campus and interviewed soon to be graduating seniors on their plans for after school.

Top 5 Places to Take Graduation Pictures Besides the Terrace and Abe’s Lap

We are sick of seeing all the generic graduation pictures taken from a terrace chair at Memorial Union or from Abe’s lap on Bascom Hill. Can we please be a little more original than that? You just became graduates from The University of Wisconsin-Madison; not Minnesota, so let’s use those brains of ours and be […]

Top 10 Places to Shop For Your Grandma on State Street

Tis’ the season for gift giving! Now that you’re an adult it’s time you partake in the gift giving, not just the gift receiving, and that can be a tough transition. How are you supposed to know what to get your grandma? It’s not like you’ve ever paid attention to her interests because you were […]

Meningococcal Virus Desperate To Be Relevant Again

  Dear filthy Badgers, It has been brought to my attention that you have seemed to forget about me. But guess what bitchez, I ain’t going nowhere! I’m like an angsty ex who drunk calls you at 1:00 a.m. on a Friday night crying explaining how I’ll always love you but that I really actually […]

10 Songs That Define Life At UW-Madison

You know you’ve always wanted a theme song to your life. 10.) “Hello” by Adele: “Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet. To go over, everything.” That moment when you email your professor right before the final exam because you are desperate for a review of the […]