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Top 10 Best Places to Have a Mental Breakdown at UW

If you haven’t already been fortunate enough to experience a complete mental breakdown on campus, now is a better time than ever.

10 Unique Ways to Decorate Your UW Graduation Cap

Decoration Tip #6: Tape all of the stolen silverware from Gordon's that you've collected over the years on top of your cap. You really earned that.

QUIZ: Do You Deserve to Have The Terrace Chairs Come Back?

The iconic Memorial Union Terrace chairs are set to make their debut soon. Find out if you deserve to sit in the magically colorful chairs this summer.

QUIZ: Are You A True Badger or Are You Minnesota Trash?

All of us should be huge Badger fans and we should bleed red and white. But are you really a true fan? We’re here to catch your bluff with this very scientific quiz/lie detector test. We’re ready to pull your admission if you are anything but a diehard Wisconsin fan. Like booze before noon? So […]

How to Convince People You Actually Left Madison for Spring Break

Of course you can’t tell them what really happened because you didn’t actually go anywhere. But they don't have to know that.

Which UW Drunk-Food Stop Are You?

Here at UW, the place you decide to go eat after a night of bar hopping, dancing and drunken heart-to-hearts with strangers says a lot about you.

Life at UW Described in 2017’s Best Memes

Memes: a college kid’s favorite past time. And did you know that most of the best memes to surface this year describe life at UW-Madison so perfectly?

QUIZ: Can We Guess Which UW Bar You Are?

Maybe you’re a hip Capitol bar or a ratchet freshman bar, either way you are an important asset to UW, and we’re gonna define you as a bar.

Guide to Dartying at UW Now That it’s 60 Degrees in February

The unexpected warm weather has got Badgers rolling out of hibernation and feeling some type of way. This guide's got all of your darty questions covered.

A Timeline of the Weirdness That Is Open Mic Night at UW

If you are looking to experience something new, go to Wednesday Open Mic Night at Memorial Union. You’re bound to see/hear something new.