Katelyn Geddes

Katelyn Geddes

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The 7 Most Annoying Questions All CU Students Get Bombarded With During Break

What's it like with all the marijuana there? Are you a socialist yet? Why don't you have a boyfriend?

The 5 Best Places to Have a Mental Breakdown at Norlin

With finals week approaching, you may feel an increasing emotional buildup of stress. Thus, here are the 5 best places in Norlin to lose your shit.

CU Buildings as Sex Positions

Have you ever been strolling through campus, admiring the beautiful and unique architecture of CU, when you began to think of what sex positions your favorite CU buildings would be? No? You’ve never had that thought? Well, we did, and here they are: C4C – Missionary: When you go to the C4C for the very […]

10 Things You Miss From Home More Than Your Parents

The semester is almost over, and honestly, we thought by now we’d miss our parents a whole lot more than we do by now.

5 Reasons to be Thankful You Don’t Go To CSU

CSU looks like a sad little community college, in the middle of a red-neck town that pretty much just radiates boredom and despair.