Kaya Williams

Kaya Williams

Chief Campus Editor

Boston University
The Ultimate Marathon Monday Recovery Guide

After Marathon Monday, you may be feeling a bit woozy, hungover, or still drunk. Luckily, there are several steps you can take to recover swiftly.

Top 5 Mugar Hacks for When You’re Dying Inside

Does everything feel like it's on fire? Does your world feel like it's falling apart? You won't wither away in Mugar Stacks if you follow these Mugar hacks!

QUIZ: Do You REALLY Belong at BU or Are You Dirty BC Reservoir Water?

Find out if you deserve to be donning scarlet and white, or if you’d be better off crying in a maroon and gold football jersey in Chestnut Hill.

6 Things Everyone Fools Themselves Into Believing About BU

'Tis the season for high anxiety and existential dread, so you've fooled yourself into living a delusion to make reality more bearable.

QUIZ: What Comm Ave Coffeeshop Are You?

Coffee is basically legalized crack. Are you wondering where you should go to get your next fix? Take this quiz to find out!

The Only 5 Places on Earth Colder Than Boston Right Now

Are freezing cold temperatures just not cutting it for you? There are many places are colder than Boston right now that you a visit to feel alive!

A Letter from Future Summer You to Current Post-Spring Break Buried in Boston Snow You

The post-Spring Break slump is very real. If the you don't think you can make it another day, Summer You is here to remind you that you'll get through tomorrow's 18 inches of snow.

The 6 Most F***ed Up Things To Happen at BU

We went deep into the armpits of the internet, so tighten your bootstraps and settle in; here are the 6 most f***ed up things to ever happen at BU.

Top 5 Complaints to Lodge Against President Brown On President’s Day

There's no better way to celebrate the birthdays of Washington and Lincoln than with five complaints to submit to President Brown!

QUIZ: Which BU Bachelor Should Profess Your Love to this Valentine’s Day?

‘Tis the season for cheesy pickup lines and professions of your endless, eternal love. Use this quiz to find the perfect person to tell you love them.