Kelsey Costa

Kelsey Costa

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Clemson University
Clemson Campus Tours: What They Say vs. What They Mean

If you haven’t noticed, the current Clemson tour leaders seem to make the university look too perfect. Here are some places your tour guide could do that!

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Here are the 5 categories every dude on this campus falls into, whether they like it or not.

Top 5 Things NOT to Say During Clemson Pride Week

Support your LGBTQ+ Clemson siblings this week. There’s plenty you can do! But there’s also plenty you SHOULDN’T do. Here are some of those things!

Top 5 Places To Catnap Between Classes at Clemson

Between classes and homework, it’s hard to get some shuteye. If your eyelids are heavier than your workload, check out these places on CU's campus to nap!

The Who/What/Where of Clemson Spring Break Hot Spots

Here are the 5 most common spring destinations for Clemsonites, and who you’ll run into there.

Top 5 Ways to Reject Invitations to Clemson Formals

Formal is like prom, except there's alcohol involved which creates 10x more drama. Avoid drama and use these 5 ways to reject that invite to formal!

Top 10 Ways to Avoid Pesky Tablers on Library Bridge

Walking along Library Bridge is a daily necessity for pretty much everyone on campus, and for a lot of us it's an absolute nightmare.

The 6 Best Places to Fart at Clemson Because It Already Smells Like Farts

We all know how it feels to have gas during a long day on Clemson’s campus. Sometimes the bathroom isn’t always easily accessible for us to relieve ourselves.