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Kevin Pryor

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University of Connecticut
A UConn Senior’s Farewell Letter to Laurel Hall

It was deep inside your hall, up on the third floor grinding out work when you were there for me when I needed you most.

8 Surefire Ways to Piss Off a UConn Student

Just so you’re ready, here are 8 ways someone from Eastern or whereverthef**k might try to piss you off as they see us killn' in the game.

Storrs CT: A Week In The Life of a UConn Senior

Now you can properly explain why you have bags under your eyes, a pain in your liver, and the haunting need to rip Fireball at 6:00 p.m. on a Thursday.

8 Sentences That Will Instantly Win Over Your UConn Professor (Trust Us)

Walking into your professor’s office hours is a sure sign you went too hard all those Thursday nights at Ted’s. Unlike you, we prepared for times like this.

7 Sobering Realizations You’re About to Graduate From UConn

Do you believe in life after college? We honestly don’t know, but we can tell you 7 ways you realize you’re about to graduate from UConn in 6 weeks.

QUIZ: Which UConn Bar Are You?

Huskies have the choice of two operating bars on campus where literally anything goes, because we all know that a sweaty overcrowded room with your peers is just where we all belong on a Friday night.

6 Ways to Stay at UConn FOREVER

They say “students today, Huskies for as long as you keep spending money on UConn stuff,” so after college, practice what you preach and stay here as long as you can.

Gordon Ramsay Takes on Storrs’ Finest Restaurants

The notorious shit-talking chef Gordon Ramsay recently took Twitter by storm by roasting the living hell out of people's home cooked meals. Here's what he thinks of Storrs finest delicacies.

The 7 Most F***ed Up Things Ever to Happen at UConn

We did some thinking and discovered the top 7 most fucked up things to ever take place on this campus. Make sure you’re not one of them.

The 5 Things Necessary to Align For a Perfect Husky Snow Day

It's time to raid your friend's fridge at Hunting Lodge for anything that's not alcohol, and you better do it fast because your day drinking starts now.