Kiran Cherian

Kiran Cherian


6 Free Things UCLA Will Start Making Us Pay for To Cover Tuition Hike

The UCLA administration has plans to make students pay for things which were previously free. Here the six ways you might be paying more in the future.

UCLA Students Abandoned by Their Roommates Form Support Group

The support group for students whose roommates have chosen to room without them next year, have granted an exclusive look into their first meeting.

UCLA Rain Drill Idea Receives Mixed Responses

As a result of the heavy rains that plagued the campus, UCLA could make history by being the first university in the United States to implement a rain drill

UCLA Housing Denies Students’ Request to Convert the Study at Hedrick Into A Residential Building

A spokesperson from UCLA Housing has requested that students stop asking whether they can move into The Study at Hedrick. The answer is a firm no.

Major BruinCard Counterfeit Ring Busted in Westwood

UCLA graduates Antoine Jamison and Kimberly Park were arrested last week for selling counterfeit BruinCards to UCLA students.

UCLA Student Buys Expensive Textbooks, Resells for $3 in Attempt to Make Friends

Roger David has bought multiple copies of every textbook needed for the classes offered. He is now selling them to students at a significantly lower price.

6 Big Improvements UCLA Needs in 2017

With the New Year approaching, students at UCLA were invited to submit ideas for how to improve UCLA in 2017. The response was overwhelming, but there were certain improvements that kept being mentioned. The Black Sheep has compiled six of the most requested changes, all of which are designed to make UCLA a better place. […]