Kiran Cherian

Kiran Cherian


UCLA Freshman Steals Graduation Sash Just To Take New Facebook Profile Picture

A UCLA freshman got into trouble last week for stealing a senior student’s graduation sash. He wanted to “borrow” the sash so he could take a nicer photo.

Interview With UCLA Student Who Accepts All The Flyers On Bruin Walk

Since beginning school at UCLA this year, Maurice has taken every flyer ever offered to him on Bruinwalk. We sat down to have an interview with him.

Angry Student Unfriends Anyone Who Posts About USAC Elections On Facebook

One of the key features of any USAC election is the flurry of Facebook posts either promoting a certain candidate or denouncing the rest. Walter had enough.

UCLA Freshman Becomes First Student in History to Respond to BruinAlert Text Message

Carmela “Coco” Malden, a freshman anthropology major, has become the first person ever to respond to UCLA’s BruinAlert text message.

Sunset Village Drug Dealer Goes Out of Business, Literally No One Surprised

A UCLA student living in Sunset Village has declared that his drug-dealing days are over, due to a lack of demand for his products.

Nordstrom Announces Sweaty T-Shirt Line To Complement Dirty Jeans

Nordstrom’s $425 Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans have caused quite a stir on the Internet, with people questioning the purpose of paying hundreds of dollars for a few mud stains. Despite the criticism, the company has shown no signs of stopping sales. In fact, Nordstrom has even revealed plans for a “sweat-soaked” t-shirt line, aimed at […]

Squirrel Funeral Inspires UCLA Students to Fight For Squirrel Safety

This heartfelt tribute to a fallen friend stirred the hearts of many Bruins. But one group decided they had to take squirrel safety into their own hands.

UCLA Student Discovers Boyfriend Only Dating Her Because She Has 19P

Gabriella announced that she had broken up with her boyfriend of three months, Chadwick, after suspecting that he was using her to get free meals.

7 Ways to Completely Piss Off Any UCLA Student

We have compiled a list of some things that are certain to piss every UCLA student off. Now you can get irritated without ever leaving your room!

Free Subscribers’ Protest Of Spotify Will Be More Expensive Than An Actual Spotify Subscription

Yesterday, Spotify announced that only its paying subscribers will be able to listen to certain albums during the first two weeks of their release. This news has upset many Spotify users that don’t pay for its premium services. In fact, dozens of free subscribers in Los Angeles are already planning a large protest for this […]