Kiran Cherian

Kiran Cherian


Russian Spies Indicted For Hacking Yahoo!, Reminding Millennials That Yahoo! Still Exists

The Department of Justice has charged two Russian spies for their role in hacking over 500 million Yahoo! accounts in 2014. This news, which comes at a time of increasing suspicion of Russia’s role in US affairs, has left millennials with one surprising realization — Yahoo! actually still exists. “Are you telling me people still use […]

Which UCLA Celebrity Alumni Are You?

We all know UCLA has some pretty sick alumni, and we all know despite your best efforts you’re probably not going to become a celebrity, though hopefully you’ll still end up a UCLA alumni.  So it’s time to find out which celebrity UCLA alumni you would be:

UCLA’s First Ever ‘I Hate My Body Week’ Already A Success

UCLA’s first ever ‘I Hate My Body Week’, modeled after the 'I Love My Body Week', began on Monday, drawing surprisingly large crowds of students.

UCLA Students Protest The Gap–Between Toilet Doors And Dividers

Over fifty UCLA students were seen yesterday afternoon gathered outside, protesting the large gaps between the doors and the dividers in UCLA toilets.

6 Free Things UCLA Will Start Making Us Pay for To Cover Tuition Hike

The UCLA administration has plans to make students pay for things which were previously free. Here the six ways you might be paying more in the future.

UCLA Students Abandoned by Their Roommates Form Support Group

The support group for students whose roommates have chosen to room without them next year, have granted an exclusive look into their first meeting.

UCLA Rain Drill Idea Receives Mixed Responses

As a result of the heavy rains that plagued the campus, UCLA could make history by being the first university in the United States to implement a rain drill

UCLA Housing Denies Students’ Request to Convert the Study at Hedrick Into A Residential Building

A spokesperson from UCLA Housing has requested that students stop asking whether they can move into The Study at Hedrick. The answer is a firm no.

Major BruinCard Counterfeit Ring Busted in Westwood

UCLA graduates Antoine Jamison and Kimberly Park were arrested last week for selling counterfeit BruinCards to UCLA students.

UCLA Student Buys Expensive Textbooks, Resells for $3 in Attempt to Make Friends

Roger David has bought multiple copies of every textbook needed for the classes offered. He is now selling them to students at a significantly lower price.